Sunday, May 16, 2010

Simply Sunday Morning/Afternoon...Kitten Update

It's 10:00am and I haven't heard from my vet yet about Miles (I bet she's thinking she's letting me sleep in) but on the home front...Hiro is still fine--eating and normal poops; everyone is active again; Carlos and Bosco are eating on their own-Carlos eagerly, Bosco not quite as eager; and Zeus is much better but not interested in eating on his on yet.

I scooped the boxes this morning and didn't find any diarrhea, but of course some haven't been eating much so they may not have enough wastes to make stool yet. And there has been no more vomiting. I gave everyone their Cerenia and sub q fluids this morning, even to Carlos although he is eating on his own--can't hurt and will help boost him up. I am feeding them 5cc of RS Recovery food and they are taking it by syringe readily. I will do that every few hours for Zeus and Bosco today.

RS Recovery

So, I am feeling pretty good this morning about the kittens and will feed them every couple of hours today and hopefully by tomorrow all of them will want to eat on their own. Depending on what my vet says, I may put them on a highly digestible bland diet called EN for a week or two, while their tummies heal up, adding a prebiotic to aid in digestion. So they may go to their new homes with this food that they will transition off gradually. Here's links to info on EN and the reasons for using it:

Purina EN Feline Formula

GI Diet Info from Cornell Vet School

I called my vet and she was over at the hospital at 7am this morning and Miles had cleaned up all the food we had left him--Recovery (about 2 tablespoons), DM dry (about 1 tablespoon) and his fluid line was still running and he wanted ME-OUT!

She is going back at noon and removing his catheter and depending on how my day goes today, I may just leave him there til I go back to work tomorrow. He still has diarrhea, greenish and I forgot to ask her if we need to repeat any labwork but I think I will do that tomorrow just to verify all is still within normal limits.

So, good news today...I am soooo glad! Now it's 2:30pm and I put some food down to see who wanted to eat...and all the kittens did! Yay!

And while surfing around looking for diet info, look at this cool coffee table I found...

Cat Hammock Coffee Table

Update: 5:55pm...We B Eatin' On Our Own!


  1. We're so glad to hear that all the kittens seem to be doing well! Miles is so adorable - we are very happy he is feeling so much better. Your vet sounds like such a nice person.

    Hope you are feeling better yourself, too.

    P.S. LOVE the coffee table!

  2. We are so glad to hear that the kits are doing well. I am certain that Pierro is eager to see Miles too!

  3. We're still purring that everything gets to normal real soon...Pierro is waiting.

  4. We're glad to hear the update and that everyone is doing so well! It's wonderful to see them all eating too! Great coffee table!

  5. We're happy that the kittens are doing better. We love the coffee table but doubt that it would survive heesh's jumping up on it. He definetly couldn't squeeze into the hamick.

  6. Oh cool a little trampoline resting place! We would like one one those. The Big Thing says he thinks he knows how ta make one.

  7. So glad to hear everyone is doing better today, really great news!...Still praying and purring for everyone's continued recovery...Wishing you all a happy, healthy week...kisses sweet friends...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  8. It is good that the kittens are eating!! We think that an interesting coffee table!

  9. Go kitties! Keep eating! Eat your mum out of house and home! She'll love it!

  10. We are keeping our toes crossed that all the kitties are on the mend.
    We imagine that Pierro is running all round Rosemary to use up all the energy he had saved up to look after Miles!!

  11. SO glad the kitties are on the rebound! Hope they make a FULL recovery soon.
    My furballs would LOVE that coffee table!

  12. We are happy all the kittens are doing well :) Purr Power really is pawsome ;)
    We know that when Miles gets to go live with Pierro, he will be fit and healthy :)
    Purrs to every kitty!!!
    Purrs Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  13. Poor Miles, he looks like he needs a bath and a snuggle!

    This coffee table is very cool.
    We are so happy snappy that all of the kits are getting all better.
    Being sick is not fun ever!



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