Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter Lilies Toxic to Cats!

All parts of the lily plant (leaves, petals, bulbs, even the pollen!)are considered toxic to cats and consuming even small amounts can be life threatening. Within a few hours of ingestion of the lily plant, a cat may vomit, become lethargic or develop a lack of appetite. These signs continue and worsen as kidney damage progresses. Without prompt and proper treatment by a veterinarian, the cat may develop kidney failure in 36 to 72 hours.

I continue to be surprised at the number of people who do not know that the Easter Lily is one of the most toxic plants to cats, and how the plants are not labeled with warnings! This time of year, every grocery store has huge displays of Easter candy, baskets, egg decorating kits and yes, Easter Lilies...all ready to be put in the homes of unsuspecting cat owners!

There are many nice alternatives to having lilies in the house (most lilies are toxic to cats, but not seen inside homes as often). Orchids, Easter cactus and violets are options, as are lovely artificial silk lilies.

Here is a link to more info:


  1. Excellent post Teri! I was given an Easter lily last week, it was beautiful, I took it to work and it now adorns my desk :-)

  2. Fortunately the only thing not good for kitties that my human has brought home this Easter is dark chocolate covered eggs and Peeps - and those disappear before we even realize they are there!

  3. Oh gosh - yes!! One of the kitty bloggers - Teego - had to be rushed to vet hospital cos he nibbled on these flowers - a month ago!! His mouth turned orange - poor kitty - but luckily he's ok now but had to spend a few days in vet hospital!! Lilies - beautiful though they are - are so not good for kitties! And I guess woofies too! There really should be warnings about this! Take care

  4. thanks a lot for the info! i had no idea. :(((

  5. I hate to admit it yet I never knew this.Thank You so much for the info.

  6. It's great to remind people that lilies are toxic to kitties.

  7. Wow, we have lots of lilies outside. We will have to be careful around them!

  8. Thanks for the information, Teri!!!!

  9. I hope everyone pays attention, it could really make a difference!

  10. Very good advice! You know what else about Lilies? They stink! They smell terrrrrible

    Fake flowers sounds like great fun too!
    bonkiebonks for a happy Easter week-end. I hope the bunny leaves you some real chocolate eggs... um, and not those brown things... don't eat those Missie Teri.

    Love and bonks to all of our curliefamily and kin too

  11. *knock, knock, knock?*

    "Heeeeellloooo???? Any furrydance cats there to come out and play? Mr. D? *sigh* Now where has that Mancat run off to?"



    Hope they come back soon. I'll just leave a note."

    "Dear Light of My Life"
    nnnoo--to countrywesterny
    "Dear throbbing of my heart"
    nah-little too cliche
    last one.

    "My Dearest Mr. NoFurNo,

    I am missing you; tho I look upon your pictures I have posted all over my 'GirlCatCave' (esp. the one on the ceiling over my woobie) I feel I must tell you it's just not the same. When I watched the vid your Woman posted of you grooming the bbkittehs I was dreaming that it was ME you were grooming and I'm not ashamed to admit...I drooled.

    Hope to see you soon (ALL of your nekkid self) so I may swoon once more.

    Purrs; neck rubs & with entwined tails,

    Your Ms. S~



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