Monday, April 4, 2011

Frootbat Friday 'n More...

Teri's been thinking about what she will do with the extra 3 hours a week that she will have once she gets our bird watching station (aka the basement) back in order, and while she wants to start exercising and lose 20#, spend more time with friends, and enjoying lounging around with us she is thinking how great it would be just to have more time to blog!

This week we got a bunch of pix from our 'Extended Family' and we have to share them with you, of course!





Oh, and another thing we keep forgetting to mention is that now Teri is officially retired from breeding Cornish Rex, we will now be known as The Cats of Curlz and Swirlz, instead of The Cats of Furrydance, so our blog name reflects who we are, hahameow (even though our blog address will still remain furrydancecats at blogspot dot com). We are @CurlzandSwirlz on Twitter, too but Teri is just learning her way around Tweetville...

And another announcement...lil Cheddar and Colby will be going to the same family, kinda! After one family, who already have 2 Furrydance cats, decided they were being greedy and denying someone else from the joy at having one of our 'kids', Teri knew she already had some families waiting in case one of the kittens came available again.

So guess what happened?! Cary's parents, Mary and James, who have one Cornish Rex already, said they sure would love to have one of the boy kittens! Their kitty, Zak, is only 9 years old but he is in Stage 4 kidney disease and they know every extra day they have with him is a gift. Mary is a nurse and they take very good care of Zak, so Teri knew they would be a wonderful home for one of the kittens.

Mary had come along to meet the kittens a few times, along with Cary's sister and auntie, too and so you can see it's a 'family love affair' with Cornish Rex! Also, another cool thing will be that they will get to babysit for each other and the brudders can get many play dates together, too! Teri says this just feels so 'right' and a very happy way for the last two Furrydance kittens to kind of stay together as a family!

Cheddar and Colby went to the Vets aka Teri's day hunting place yesterday for their first vaccination and exam and they passed with flying colors--no mumbling hearts, no wobbly knees, everything A-OK! And their poo test for parasites and giardia antigen was clear, too. The vet said they are very healthy, muscular and wavy already--something Coco's kittens sometimes wait to do until they are 16 weeks old!

They have had free run of Teri's bedroom all week and have stayed out of trouble, so last night they got to sleep with us for the first time! Teri wondered if she would get any sleep but it was a restful, uneventful night for all! And she even slept in til 10:30am in case she has a sleep interruptus tonight, hahameow!

And Teri thinks she'll have the basement ready for viewing soon, maybe even by the end of the weekend! She had an extra day off cuz the V.E.T. was at a seminar, but she just frittered (that sounds like something fun, like fevver) it away and today she did some emailing and buying us stinky goodness online (we eat mostly Nulo and Life's Abundance and the guy in the brown shorts delivers it to where Teri works).

Yesterday she went to IKEA and picked out some new bookcases for the basement, and a little desk and stool go to in the kitchen for working on her laptop and paying bills and stuffs. And she got a new ceiling fan for the 'our' bedroom cuz the old one is kinda broken and she's going to have the bedroom painted soon, and she wanted a new pretty fan, here's a pix of it in the box...

We didn't get to see them, but Teri said there were duckies (not related to George the Duck) in our backyard yesterday! We hope they come back for a visit when we are down in the basement again!

And oh, yeah...Disco has a new 'garment', in stretchy ribbed knit which is good cuz he's up to 15# again as he's been sneaking kitten food! But it's kinda slimming, don't ya think? Sphynx Cat Wear is having a BOGO sale, so all you hep Sphynx cats (and Cornish Rex too, but they are 'cut' just for the Sphynx cat physique, even ummm, fat ones...)

Check it out at

Well, that's all the mews we can remember...this getting to post on our blog like once a week has got to stop...we won't furget this when Performance Review time rolls around again!


  1. Good to see you cuties! It sounds like you're all very busy but we're happy to see you're all well

  2. Disco is quite a model! We are laughing at the little ones and squeeing!

  3. ::::covers mouth with paw::::; heeheehee bonkbonkbonk Missie Coco looks soo teensy tiny next to Unkle Diskers

    The cheddar boys are soo cute so cute so cute

    Our mom slept in today too.... with the rain and everything, well we really just wanted to snuggle and snooze all day. Bonks to all of you for a fun week-end

  4. Oh wow!! The babies are growing up so so fast!! Awwww how lovely to see!! And one of them has a forever home already? Oh that's such great news!!

    Great to hear the basement is coming along nicely!!!

    Congrats with your new blog header name! Take care

  5. Disco's outfit does look fab! As do the kittens. We will miss the wonderful Furrydance kittens but we imagine that Teri needs a bit of rest.

    The Chans

  6. I loved all the pics and I'm glad some of the little ones have wonderful homes! Happy retirement too!

  7. It sounds like lots has been going on with you guys! That is so cool that the kittens get to have homes in the same family!

  8. We get a little behind and come to catch up and find you aren't Furrydance any more or breeding cats any more. We're even further behind than we thought.

  9. Oh I can't say how much I enjoyed this blog and the babies whose pictures you posted. KISSES all over them all, and KNOW I am in love with you.

  10. Excellent updates! We love the pictures and Disco's new outfit! We are so happy you have such wonderful homes for the little ones and that they will be able to see each other still.


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