Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thankful Thursday...

Awwww...doesn't this just warm the cockles of your heart?! On the right is another of Furrydance Cattery's extended family, Dolly, who is Brighton's mommy and on the left is Baby, who was rescued from a shelter after a cattery seizure, so she had a rough life before she found the purrfect forever home!

And if they don't look spoiled enough in those photos, take a look at their custom made 'bassinet'!!

The wonderful couple in California who adopted Dolly originally had picked out Brighton, but when he was diagnosed with 3 leaky heart valves, they were afraid to adopt him, as their previous 2 Cornish Rex had multiple health problems, which is one reason they sought me out.

I took Brighton to a cardiologist and while his problem was something he might outgrow, no one could say for sure. So I spayed Dolly and they thought she was so beautiful, they asked if they could adopt her! She was 5 years old and in excellent health, so I was happy to say yes!

While they were waiting for her to finish nursing her kittens and recover from her spay, they found Baby at a shelter and called me and asked if they adopted Baby, could they still have Dolly...Of course, I said certainly as I knew Dolly would be a good companion for Baby.

Dolly did take a while to settle in surprisingly, as she was always calm and unruffled here. But she and Baby are the bestest of friends now and give much joy to Annette and Angel. Unfortunately, Dolly has had some serious health issues that no one could have predicted, most having to do with pancreatitis and liver disease, as well as spondylosis (spurs on the spine).

Annette and Angel take wonderful care of her, and have very good vets and specialists they see...and so many times they have told me they are thankful they have me to help advise them and comfort them and just 'be there for them'...just writing this makes me get tears in my eyes...because I hope they know just how thankful I am that I have them, for just those very reasons, too!


  1. That is so wonderful that they have each other and are so loved in their home. Purrs to Dolly.

  2. What lovely and very lucky girls. Having people who are always prepared to go the extra mile makes so much difference!

  3. So sweet to see such good friends! Poor Dolly, very sad that she is not well, but it sounds like she is in a great home that looks after her. How wonderful that they gave Baby a safe and loving home after she had such a harsh start in life :-)

  4. Poor Dolly - she does have a lot of problems - thank goodness she is in a happy and very caring home.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. I'm so glad she is in such a wonderful home and has such love and attention!

  6. Love that cat bed!!! We are so glad there are people out there that take in these kitties no matter their needs. Dolly and Baby are ADORABLE!

  7. Dear Terry, They is so cute! Me would never cuddle with Kozmo like that!
    Me is purraying for Dolly!

  8. Wow, that is such a great story. It is so good to hear about people that adopted kitties that take such good care of them. Those pictures are so darn cute. They are so lucky to have each other. Great post.

  9. Own!!!!! I love this pictures!!!!!!
    Kisses and more kisses!!!

  10. omggggg CUTE!!!! :DDDD

    so glad that both Dolly and Baby found a great forever home, although Dolly was in a great home to begin with. :))

  11. What cuties, and Dolly and Baby sound like they have wonderful humans to care for them.

  12. Beautiful pictures - heartening story. Sorry I have not been round for a while!

  13. Awwww such a beautiful story! It's so wonderful they have found such a loving home! And they are SOOOO sweet together!

  14. Wow! Really admire you're thoughtfulness and so much caring for those kitties. I can feel right now how much you're overwhelmed to have those kitties adopted. Baby and Dolly will surely have each other until the end. Wishin' Dolly a speedy recovery, sending you purrs and prayers.

    ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

  15. We just found this today!!!!
    Mom has been so busy waiting on us, and playing with us, she has not been checking the blogs for us...
    Baby and Dolly are sooooo pretty.

    We have to agree with your friends in California. Mom says she does not know what she would do with out you -- probably go crazy.

    These are the cutest photos, and that bassinet for the girls is just so adorable and perfect.
    cornish Rexies are the coolest kitties on the planet.
    Our new vet loved us!

    bonks to Uncle Diskers and Mommy Coco and the Cheese fellows, and Missie Kiki, and Daddy Sammy, and Uncle Brightpants, and big double bonks to missie Teriflower

  16. hmmmm wants a bassinet like that...

  17. Awwww...
    Love the video on your previous post. purrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  18. Cute, cute, cute.

    On our header, Derby, the SassyCat is on the left. Ducky, Cutie Pie is on the right.

  19. They are just so snuggly adorable!!!

  20. Thanks so very much for the input about traveling with Audrey! Do the TSA people ever get weird about the baggie of kitty litter? Littler on a puppy pad sounds like a brilliant idea.

    My daughter had already said she thought we should not sedate her, then my son was encouraging us to because he had sedated his cats for a long car trip!

    And very many thanks about the info fr the health certificate.


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