Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Another 'Not-so-Wordless' Wednesday

Disco, at 7 months old, fit and trim...and before he was, ahem, fixed. You can click to biggify and see his 'dangly bits', hahameow!

(Stella O'H, this pix is for you since you got cheated out of seeing Disco last week!)

We don't really know why Teri didn't get around to helping us with our blog this weekend--she didn't work on the basement, either! She said something about having too much Rum Punch on Friday night when she went over to our pet sitters for dinner and movies...

And then on Saturday she went to another friends for a candlelit dinner in celebration of 'Earth Hour' but she said she drank mostly water, hahameow... She did clean house on Sunday, with the suckymonster and cobweb grabber, so we guess she really was busy...

She didn't even get to sleep in on Friday cuz she had an appointment with the HVAC guy for a Spring Inspection of our heat and cool machine. He said he remembered meeting us kitties last fall and how friendly and inquisitive we were, and seeing kittens scampering around (that would have been Spottie and Dottie!). He got to see Cheddar and Colby this time...the last lil kittens that will be born in our house!

And then on Saturday, we had more visitors! Cary and her mom and her auntie came over to visit the kittens again and marvel at how they are growing and becoming little mini-mancats already! Cary and her husband are adopting one of Coco's kittens and the whole family has a love affair with Cornish Rex, something Teri is very happy about! And Disco charmed them all!

But while Cheddar and Colby are growing up, they are still babies and were little fraidy cats at first, but they warmed up to Cary and her family after a little bit and had us smiling and snapping photos while watching them play!

And on Sunday, while Teri was cleaning house, doing laundry and taking breaks to play with the kittens, she took this awwwww-some little video!


  1. What sweeties they are! And such a precious video of them with their sparkly ball doing their little hops on the bed!

  2. what an amazing blast of fun your kiddens had with the green sparkle ball!!!!
    you sure were a busy lady!!
    now you gave mommy lots of ideas for her cleaning projects...

  3. What a fantastic video!!! I just love kitten energy :-)

  4. The little ones are so cute and I just love that video on the bed!

  5. OMC - we think the kittens are getting cuter by the day!!!! What fun...

  6. *walks in from work; gets cat food in dishes; wanders over to the computer*




    *fans frantically over Ms. Stella's recumbent(drooling) form*




    *picks up Ms. Stellie; wanders thru the living room with her limp body*

    "oh dear, oh dear, El! Come in here with the vaccum cleaner;don't turn it on; just roll it out.. that should snap her out of it!"

    **will update Ms. Stellie's condition soon**

    The kitten vid is THE BOMB and it breaks my heart to think we were supposed to be there today and could have seen this all in person. We probably wouldn't have left the house with all this cuteness goin' on! Well, except to go visit Maus *winks*.

    That Woman (for Ms. Stella who is overcome)

  7. it really is amazing how quickly kittens grow up. :) that last video was super cute.

  8. Oh myyyyy goodness. The cheesepuffs are soooo adorable. All of us laughed at that end part when the one kitten was prancing sideways to get the brother with the ball. Oh how cute!!! Kitten soccer.
    UNKLE DISKERS!! you were a playcat??!!?? oh we never knew, and now you are a nice and round happy guy, after all of those years.
    bonks. Loved the videos sooooo much!

  9. so cute with those big ears... you almost make me want to get a cat. I am on the go too often to have a kitty.

  10. Hi, Teri! Nice to meet you as well! I adore your Cornish Rexes!


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