Sunday, March 6, 2011

Simply Sunday Evening

Well...another week has flown like a birdie and Teri says it's been a good day to stay inside--Raining woofies and meowzers out there! Better than snow, though!

Lot's has been going on around here this week! First off, Kiki had her Lady Gardenectomy on Wednesday! Yep, after listening to two cats yowling in heat all week, Teri decided that one less yelling kitty would be a good thing. Kiki also had her yearly exam and labwork (all A-OK there) and got her microchip, too.

Before her surgery, she had a Fashion Foto Shoot (Teri knew the girls she worked with would love it!). So, she 'set the scene' and while she was trying to get Kiki's attention, Erin snapped photos! Here's the best shot!

Kiki's surgery went fine, and it was interesting to see the changes in the uterus that go along with multiple litters. There was even a little anomaly--an extra blood vessel in the broad ligament that supports the uterus. Kiki did fine under anesthesia, but she has taken a while to bounce back. But as soon as she was awake, she had her nose in the food dish though...

She was on pain meds for 2 days, and didn't want to eat or move around much. She would eat baby food and a/d if Teri hand fed her though. She finally is feeling better today and is out and about and slept with us last night, too.

Sammy has his appointment for his HooHaaectomy on Wednesday and while it takes about 6 weeks for the hormone level to come down, he will soon start his transition to becoming a 'house cat' if possible. He sprays a lot and he is 10 years old this year and his behaviors may not change, but Teri hopes so!

Right now, he comes out when Teri is down in the basement, wearing his 'Doggie Diapers' and he enjoys that time out of his 'room'...but instead of looking out at the birdies, he is more interested in sitting by the door where he can hear and smell the other cats in the house!

Teri will start introducing him to one cat at a time...probably Disco first as he and Sammy were roommates for a while when Disco was spraying so bad. Then he can meet Kiki and Brighton. If all that goes well, then Teri will let him upstairs to visit the rest of the house (with diapers on).

Sammy may not adjust to having free run of the house, as he has spent most of his life confined to one or two rooms, and if he is aggressive or sprays or makes the other cats start bad behaviors, then Teri might look into adopting a rescue that also needs some confinement, like a blind kitty or one with CH, so they could keep each other company down in the basement where his 'bedroom' is.

The kittens are doing great and are already 3 1/2 weeks old! They are starting to 'play' with each other and groom cute!

By next weekend they will be big enough to start climbing out of their kitten box, so will get a new one with an open end so they can play around in the tent and start learning to use the litterbox. Then about a week later, they will get to make the master bathroom their 'Rumpus Room'.

It's large, easy to clean and is safe and warm...a perfect place to stay while Teri is at work or sleeping. Of course, they will get to come out into the bedroom and play under Teri's watchful eye!

We are all kinda bummed that Stacy and El (aka Stella O'Houligan's Woman) won't be able to come and visit us after all, for the Cherry Blossom Festival! Teri hopes they can still make it out for a visit before the kittens leave home in June though. She is trying to talk her friends who are adopting one of Coco's kittens to come up for the Festival, so they could have fun and meet the kittens, too.

Teri only spent 2 hours down in the basement today because she was busy with our blog! She hemmed the curtains, cleaned out desk drawers, and put away some tools and gathered up 3 boxes of stuff to donate to again.

Next weekend, she plans to attack the storage area underneath the stairs, now that there is room on the floor to spread everything out and sort through it! Here's what that storage closet looks like now!

Once it's cleaned up, she'll be able to store things in there like PTU's, gardening tools, bird seed, and also be actually able to find stuff in there! We don't have a garage, and so storing things is a problem, but we do have a big attic that has lots of room left for storage of things Teri doesn't use much.

Oh, pampered kitties that we are...we did get a couple of new toys this week! Teri has been wanting to get us a Neko Fly Dragonfly, but other than showing it to us, we haven't had any playtime with it!!

Then, after seeing so many CB kitties loving their curvy scratcher, she got one 'for the kittens' to play on in the bathroom, as it's just their size! We 'adult' cats have pretty much ignored it so far...

Oh...and last but not least, Disco is down another 2 ounces! Yep, and he got a shave and a bath today, too!


  1. Congrats to Disco! We are so proud of him!

  2. It is a busy house with all the kitties. I really like seeing how big those two little kittens have become. They are so sweet.

  3. I sure enjoyed all the pictures, but the little ones sure made the whiskers grin up!

  4. those babies are sooooooooooo cute!.
    hope all are better soon.

  5. Oh the kittens are SO adorable and beautiful. And know dat's my boy! ♥♥♥ I do wonder how that hoo-hahectomy will do for and older dude though. Hoping it goes well for him afterward and if so, it will be something for all of us to learn out here.

    I am disappointed for both you and Stacy that she can't make it over. You two would have such fun and I know her daughter would too. Ms Stella wasn't going to come along was she?


  6. Whoa, long informative bloggie today
    The kittenboys are adorrrrabibble, so cute so cute. Miles says he wants one but mom said no no Miles haha

    Kiki is beeeyootiful. We are so happy she is recovering nicely. Best wishes for a good week, dear flower.
    Sammy is so handsome even in diapies! We hope they both make a good transition in to calmness and housecatness.

    we are totally bummed to hear the news that Staci and her girl cannot come to play, but it is farrrr away and perhaps they can come when it is convenient...

    This rainy day made mom vacuum!! Go figure. Miles and I tried to nap.
    Then mom made kornish bred. We got to have some crumbs - just crummy crumbs!

    the under the stairs closet looks daunting and menacing. Stay away from that. Look at that stick with the roller spikes. that is just wrong!

    bonks and bronks and love

  7. Whew, you have lots going on. I think the kittens are adorable :)

  8. Look at those kittens...I can't believe how much they have grown!!!! Just adorable :-)

  9. Those little ones a soooo cute! Dear Kiki! We hope all is well with her. That is interesting about changes in the uterus. Having little ones is hard work!

  10. Those pictures with the kittens are just adorable. You all have been busy, busy. Good to hear Disco is coming along. It is good Kiki is doing well. We hope all works out with Sammy. Hugs and nose kisses

  11. The little ones are adoreable. Concats to Disco on his weight loss. You're going to miss having kitties around.

  12. Wow, there is lots going on at your place. I'm glad everyone is doing well - and yay on the weight loss, Disco!

  13. Oh wow. Awwwwww mum and kitties are just precious!! How adorable!!! Yay for the little sweet family!! Awwwwwww!!!!!

    Well done Kiki with her fashion shoot!! LOL!! Beautiful!! Me and Charlie are sending her healnig purrs and hugs!

    Hugs too to Sammy! We hope his appt. with the vets go well!

    Well done Terri for getting the basement all cleaned up!! Yay!

    Take care

  14. There's always a lot going on for you guys! We're sending good vibes for Sammy's neutering! And the babies are so adorable. Wonderful to see all those pics!

    -Nicki and Derry

  15. Well done disco - you will be sleek before your know it. We loved the kitten pics (of course) it's amazing how much bigger they looked than on the last pictures.
    mum says to tell you to shut the door on the closet and pretend it isn't there!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  16. Sounds like a very productive weekend! Healing vibes heading Kiki's way. And congrats to Disco for loosing another couple ounces!

  17. Own, the babies are so cute!!!!! I love the second picture!
    Have a nice weekend dear family!

  18. That is too bad she won't be able to come up. Madam President's babies are looking especially cute in that family portrait shot.

  19. Those babies are really growing well, they are gorgeous. Concats to Disco on losing some more weight. We are glad KiKi is recovering well from her ladygardenectomy, and we hope Sammy takes to being a well behaved house cat after his hoohaaectomy.

  20. babies look like they are wearing wrinkly jammies that are too big!

  21. OMG THE KITTENS *squees!!* SO CUTE!!

    and Kiki looks amazing in that wig! :3 i'm glad her surgery went well and she's all better now. :) i hope the same goes for Sammy.

    congrats Disco! keep it up!

  22. Whoa... that is a lot of kitties you got there! And they are all super cute!

  23. Lots a news. The Kittens are sweet, glad all went well with the ectomies and Yay for Disco!

    Thank you for coming to our birthday commentathon! It was fun.

    Cats of Wildcat Woods

  24. LOL!!!!! Gotta love that blue hair. That's a GREAT photo!

    Erika and Sebastian

  25. Wow, when you say a lot has been going on, you sure mean it! The kittens are getting more and more adorable, and I can just imagine how much fun they will have with their new toys! Glad everyone went through their alternations well. Giant sigh of relief.

  26. Wow, excellent updates! You folks do have alot goin' on over here. The babies are SO cute! Kiki should join our Avatar fanclub with that blue hair...looks very Na'vi...


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