Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Another not-so-wordless Wednesday

Well, all our followers who were waiting for a newsy Simply Sunday post, have once again had to wait until Wednesday to see what we've been up to all week...

Teri got so busy down in the basement on Sunday getting our 'bird watching station' back in order, that is was about 9pm when she finally came upstairs, all tuckered out. Disco was kinda pissed we guess, cuz he sprayed on the door that leads down to the basement...

On Saturday, she gave our backyard birdie and squirelly recreational area a Spring Cleaning! She blew away leaves, she planted some grass seed (which she said will probably fail to thrive like most plants in her care) and she was happy to see that the butterfly bushes and hydrangea and coral bells had survived the winter...but the vinca looked deaded but she didn't pull it up, just in case...

She had the nerve to tell us that we missed out on seeing the first Robin Red Breast of the year, as well as a cute Chippymunk! Sure, make us drool, why don't you! If we knew how to bake, we'd make a cheesecake and then tell her that she missed out in it cuz we ate all of it!

Here's some pix of what we missed!

And our spruced up wildlife viewing area!

(we're not too excited about the tile table Teri found at Tuesday Morning, but she wanted to show it to you cuz she said it's 'cute', so we said OK).

What we really didn't want to show you was, umm, welll--remember the dangly toys Teri bought us last week?

Well, we still aren't playing with them, but the other day Teri heard a strange sound out in the hallway, and she thought maybe Brighton was chewing on her Crocs she wears at work (he has a penchant for purrsonalizing them).

She was busy on the computer and didn't get up to investigate...but, well, ummm, now those toys have a little less 'dangle'. In fact, they kind of look like hamsters, or flying saucers! (filled with a cargo of Nip, of course)

We know what you are all really waiting to see are.....those squee-able kittens, right?! They are doing super-duper and are already 6 weeks old! They are using the babysized litterboxes perfectly, no accidents and Teri even saw them stop playing around in the bedroom and run into the bathroom to use the box!

Cheddar's eye shape makes him always look a little sleepy or even sad, but he is far from either! They both now follow Teri around in the bathroom while she is getting ready for work and when she goes in there first thing in the morning, Coco races out for some 'freedom' and the kittens keep Teri company.

Then she lets them out to romp around the bedroom while she scoops the boxes and feeds all the cats and gets ready for work. In a couple of weeks, they'll be going in to work with Teri for their first vaccinations!

They didn't hop up in the Hepper Pod by themselves, but they can climb up onto Teri's platform bed, cuz she's nice enough to put a cat scratcher to act like a step at the end of the bed.

They are still sleeping in the bathroom at night with Coco and spend the day in there while Teri is at work, so they can perfect their litterbox habits and not get into trouble chewing on electrical cords!

Maybe this weekend, she will take a nap with all of us, kittens included, and see if they manage not to 'wet the bed' or get laid on by Disco, hahameow!

Sometimes, the momma cats get nervous when she can't keep a close eye on them at this age, and sometimes momcats get upset with all the cats around her kids.

Right now, Teri monitors them pretty close when they are out with the other kitties cuz they's just bebes!

Little Cheddar used to be kinda shy, but not any more! More often than not, when WWF fights are in progress, he isn't on the bottom, as you can see in this short video:


  1. how sweet! are they curious about the heater vent?

  2. You've all had another busy week, week and a half!

    Congrats to Teri for her hard work around the house and property...and our mom thinks that table is absolutely adorable too!

    But of course the babies are definitely SQUEEABLE! Loved all the pics and the video. Mom's so calm, curled up there while they develop their wrasslin' skills--they're natural pros, we say! :-)

    -Fuzzy Tales

  3. OMC! You guys are too funny, I would have loved to sees her face if you could bakes a cheesecake and tell her she missed out on it. MOL hehe


  4. Sweeeeet!!!!!!! Such a sweet, adorable family!!!!

  5. What a busy week! Such adorable kits as well-

  6. blah. blah. blah. kittens. blah. squeee. blah. BIRD! blah.blaha

    no disco

    no purrs

    no kisses

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

    That Woman here; Stella is feelin rather, er *rhymes with* witchy...
    I'll post special photos for her of her beloved. Meantime I loved seeing the beebers! SQUEEEEE indeedie!

    That Woman

  7. Awwwwww yay for all the hard work with the house!!! Phew!!!

    Awww but the kitties with mum!! The little squeaks and mum just keeping such a watchful eye - love her small grunts when the kitties playing becomes a little rough - so so so so so cute!!! Great pics too, thank you! take care

  8. WOW! Y'all sure have been busy! I love the little ones, they are just way too cute!

  9. Awww! Those little ones are too adorable - little Chedder *sigh*!!

  10. Hey adult kitties, you DO realize that Mom will take over yer blog with Cheddar and Coco pictures fer a while, right?

  11. How cute they are! And we like that fleecy blanket.

  12. Those kittens are getting so big! Somebody needs to be told that Tail Biting is out of bounds!

  13. I have been having a horrible terrible week - and that short kitty video was a wonderful diversion. Cleared my head!


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