Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paws for Japan!

Last year, I attended the very first BlogPaws Conference and came away feeling energized and optomistic. That feeling has lasted all year when it comes to helping animals...

And we (Teri, Disco and Brighton) will be at the BlogPaws Conference being held right near us this year, in August. We are very excited to meet so many of the people and pets we blog with, as well as hear some great speakers who blog, too!

BlogPaws, Be The Change for Pets and World Vets, an organization that provides veterinary aid around the world, are joining paws to assist World Vets in their extremely important work. World Vets first response team is in Japan now!

Be the Change for Pets is asking the online pet community to help raise funds and awareness for the World Vets efforts.

How can you help?

Donate to World Vets either from the BlogPaws page (the Chip In button is legit and all the money goes to World Vets and it's fun to watch the total grow!) or you can go directly to the World Vets page and donate from there (and keep up with their updates, too).

Please post, tweet, or share on Facebook about World Vets efforts for animal relief in Japan.

Today, they are already half way to their goal of raising $50K to help World Vets in their vital efforts. Your help in donating or spreading the word can ensure they reach their goal!

And, for more FUNraising, Sparkle, The Designer Cat,
is having a Commentathon to raise green papers for the animals affected by the disaster in Japan! What a pawsome thing to do! She will donate $1 for every comment left on her blog rush right over and you will be helping the animals in Japan, too!

Teri is still spending a lot of time surfing the interwebs looking for updates and information on the disaster in Japan, and many bloggers are doing their best to keep us informed, including Ingrid and Allegra at The Conscious Cat

Photo credit Two women walk in a tsunami devastated street in Hishonomaki, Miyagi Prefecture, on March 15, 2011.


  1. Very nice post...I hope they raise tons of money. Hugs

  2. Me and Charlie just went over to add to fab Sparkle's commentathon! Thank you for the link!!

    We hope you have a brilliant BlogPaws conference in August - sounds amazing!! Take care

  3. As we said to Simba..... We'll check it out but we're very cautious. Too many charities use donations to first pay their overheads (staff salaries, travel, conference fees etc) before passing the remaining $$$ on to the people/things/animals they are supposed to be helping. We know of charities that spend just 10 Sen in every 1 Ringgit on the things we think we're paying towards. Unless we see breakdowns of how charities spend the money we give them, we're keeping our spare money to buy groceries for our local orphanage and food for our local no-kill shelter. Mean? No. Just fed up of being scammed by professional buzzards who use disasters to line their own pockets.

  4. My human is looking forward to the next BlogPaws, although she will have to travel quite a lot farther than you do! Isn't it great how the pet blogging community has come together for Paws for Japan today?

  5. Thanks for all this info...we were at Sparkles' yesterday to comment, too. So, so sad about all that is happening in many people and poor animals have suffered....we send them lots and lots of purrs and will go to the World Vet site, too to see what we can do. We are thinking about you and send you lots and lots of purrs, Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood

  6. Those are great causes. We hope they raise lots of green papers.

  7. Good post. We are purring for Japan too.
    Thank you for your purrs for Mickey.
    We really miss him and it will take
    a while to get used to him bot being here.
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  8. That fund raiser was incredible!!!


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