Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not so wordless Wednesday!

We missed posting over the weekend...Teri was overwhelmed with the disaster in Japan and she couldn't focus on anything except watching the TV, Twittering, Facebooking and trying to stay hopeful for all affected by the earthquake and tsunami.

It makes her heart swell with emotion to see the Cat and Dog Blogosphere come together with donations and sharing of information. Teri has 2 friends in Japan and they are both safe, but much sadness surrounds them and she sends them and everyone hurting, strong, healing thoughts.

Life goes on here at the CurlieSwirlie house...Teri still working on the basement but she said she is closing in on being able to open it up to us kitties again! Yay! No pictures this week, as most of the work she did down there was cleaning out cupboards and drawers and tossing stuff out or in a box to donate. This coming weekend, she's going to dig into that messy storage area and then have room to put the tools and stuff that's piled in the middle of the floor still.

It was nice weather on Saturday, and we got to sniff the air and Disco even snuck out onto the deck when Teri was BBQ'ing, but she hustled him back inside real quick. Since the kittens won't be needing the 'kitten tent' any longer, Teri might put it out on the deck for us to get some fresh airs and sunshine from time to time. Disco said to be sure to include this photo of him in his leopard print bed so Stella O'Houligan can have her Disco fix!

It's supposed to be nice weather this coming weekend, too and we are hoping we might get our first stroller outing of the year! In between napping and snacking, of course! Teri bought us another new toy this weekend, after reading about it on ThePetConnection! She didn't know the Premier company made fun cat toys too, but we love their 'Come with Me' Bungee leashes! Such a great idea!

She bought us a Funkitty Doorway Dangli! She filled it with t/d kibble and hung it in the guest bedroom doorway and so far we have ignored it except for a sniff or two.

But she said she thinks it will be fun, and it said you can even stuff it with Nip! We already have some fresh leaves sprouting on the plants outside...that'll be a real treat and lo-cal too, Disco!!

Kiki is all recuperated from her spay and she already seems happier and less 'hormonal'. It took her longer than a youngster to bounce back from her surgery but her stitches are out now and she is putting on weight again.

Sammy was neutered last week and time will tell if he will mellow, stop spraying and get along with the rest of the cats in the house. Teri isn't apprehensive but full of positive vibes as she wants him to be a happy 'retiree'. Sammy will be 10 years old this year and certainly deserves to retire and kick back!

The little Cheeseballs are growing and changing before our eyes! Last weekend, their nest box got replaced by one with an open end, so they could start to venture round the kitten tent.

They also dug right in to the canned kitten food that Coco is eating! Usually, kittens start eating after stepping in a plate of food and licking their paws, or with a little finger feeding help from Teri. Both Cheddar and Colby dug in like little steam shovels!

After a couple of days of 'tent play' the Cheeseballs were itching for more stimulation, so on Sunday they 'graduated to the big bathroom. Brighton snoopervised Teri getting the bathroom ready for them!

Here's a cute video of them investigating the bathroom for the first time!


  1. WE have been quite distressed to hear what is going on in Japan.

  2. Japan is a mess but your kitties are all looking good!

  3. how udderly adorable those cheeseballs are snugglin' with mama kitty. And Mr. D bein so helpful & guarding the ladies all safe!

    That Woman has been makin all kinda noises at the computer but it's MY turn to see my beloved (hottiepants) Mr. D. The leopard print put me over the moon. I must go now and rest, perchance to dream.

    Thank you for sharing such wonderful photos. It's a small shiny spot in the grim events.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  4. Is mama showing them how to use the litter box yet?

  5. it's been hard for me to take my eyes off the news and twitter too.... the disaster in Japan really is depressing.... but it's good to do other things and give yourself a break from all the sadness. :'(

    the photo of Disco in his bed is ADORABLE! :'D as are the kittens. they're growing up so fast. :))

  6. The news from Japan is just awful and will affect so many for so many years to come. Our hearts go out to them. Lovely photos on your post and I am glad recovering is progressing after the ops.. Hugs GJ xx

  7. That's another eventful update! The babies are getting so big, are so adorable teetering around in the bathroom. Too cute!

    We're glad Teri's friends are okay...It's a desperate, frightening situation, though, and our purrs go out to All Beings affected.

  8. OH my stars, the kitty pics are beautiful!!!! Great to see them walking around and still looking ever so adorable!!!! Wow!!! Hugs to all your gorgeous kitties! take care

  9. Hi Teri! Great to discover your blogs! I'm following you here too :)! Thank you for the sweet comment about Zoe on my blog :)!
    I LOOOOOVE kitties!!!!!!!!

  10. Teri -
    Thank you for the video - I get my "kitten fix" for the day.

  11. I am so sad about Japan too, but your beautiful pictures cheered me up!

  12. Own, I love this post, specially the video with cat babies!!!! Kisses and hugs!!!!

  13. Ah, look at the little ones around the big cats!


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