Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thankful (Spring is here) Thursday...

Another fine photo of Percy Campbell, of the fancy fireplace fame, enjoying his equally fancy cat perch and screened in catio!


  1. What a fabulous perch for lovely Percy! Wow! Take care

  2. love this photo! all the lines coming together and framing the cat tree!

  3. That looks a great place to sit and look at the wild life.
    luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. That's a great place to watch the Birdie Network!

  5. We think that picture is lovely! It would be fun to look into those trees!

  6. What a great spot! Hope everyone is doing well.

  7. Oh I like this photo! Percy has a great look-out perch!

    We just read the cool postie down below and watched the video (mom has been busy an spending less time on the computer)
    The garden looks wonderful, a great place to view nature in action. We have had a lot of birdies too and we love it. Miles and I say all sorts of stuff to them, Miles is still learning to be very quiet and not tap the window.

    The kittens look great. It is so nice to see sweet mommy CurlyCoco. She is such a pretty lady.
    Chedder and Colby are so cute. that is great that the little guy is being so assertive... un, that is kind of like me. I may be little but with Miles the 8 lb schoolbus, I have to show him who is in charge. It is wonderful to see that both boys and alllll the other kitties are doing so well.
    Uncle Diskers should not get grumpy, maybe he was having a bad day -

    Bonkbonkbonk to all of you
    Here it is the week-end again and wow times just zips by!

  8. Wow dat looks like a pawsome place to hangs out and a great day my furriend. Purrrrrrrrrrrs

  9. Percy's catio is awesome! What a view!

  10. What a great idea...a screened catio. And I wanted to say if I ever find myself in Washington, I would love to meet you and your family as well. Very kind of you to say so.

  11. Hello, nice to meet you.
    I love your catio and what a great view! Do you see many birdies?


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