Sunday, May 8, 2011

Simply Sunday Mornin, Mother's Day, and More!

Here we go again...

We thought that once a week posting to our blog was a sad statement as to the performance of our secretary, but as our followers's gotten worse! It's been a month since a mewsy repurrt, even though we think Teri did a good job with the Easter Lily post, it was a repost from last Easter! And well, we think Duncan did all the work on the cute video post and Teri can't take any credit for that!

Thanks to all our fans for stickin with us with our infrequent updates...Teri says she's gonna improve, but time will tell! Besides workin' on the basement and gettin' out in the garden, she is in the middle of interviewing for a new LVT where she works (that's one of the persons who pokes us at the vets, hahameow).

She's been busy working in the garden and we hear it looks pretty with some new birdhouses (Thanks, mom, for such a thoughtful present!)

And the pretty plants are growin' (we don't go outside, so we can't tell you how tasty they might be, but the nip is growin!). We might have to join in 'Thursday in the Garden' soon, as Teri's been kinda successful with gardening this spring but we can't take any credit for it!

Our garden gnome, from Cornwall England
(Teri just repaired and painted him)

Part of the hummer trellis for the honeysuckle vine...

Nip for us! Mint for Teri's Mojitos!

This is a variety of Coral Bells called Key Lime Pie!

A new garden kitty

The chives starting to flower

And more garden cats...

Including, TomTom!

And we will have to tell ya that the basement is down to one pile about the size of a coffee table (do they still call 'em that??) and as soon as Teri's finished, she'll take you all on a video tour of our place, including the basement!

She said it would be be ready for our viewing pleasure today, Mother's Day! But we have her working on our blog instead of in the basement...

In cleaning up the closets in the basement, she decided to donate some of our old cat beds, litterboxes, carriers and toys to two local rescue groups,

and some of our extra cat PTU's to

a couple of weeks ago. And a client at the cat hospital where Teri works donated a bunch of cat food for Teri to give to the rescue of her choice, and she donated it to another local group,

Just trying to Be the Change and help some kitties that deserve to have a soft bed and some yummy food, and oh yeah, carriers to be rescued in, too!

And let's see...what else has happened round here in the past month?? Oh, we had some company and that was real fun, as we had a new playmate and sleeping companion! Teri's niece, Erin, came from Oregon for the weekend, on her way up to Philadelphia for work and we all had a great weekend!

We got a little confused cuz our foods got moved from the guest bathroom (Disco can't eat dry food cuz he's on a diet, so she hides it in the guest bathroom for the rest of us to snack on from time to time) into her bathroom as she thought maybe Erin would appurrciate it if she didn't have to step on dry crunchies, as we sort of are messy eaters.

Here are some photos of the fun all us cats and Teri had with Erin:

This is a small portion of huge crocheted Coral Reef--an amazing exhibit at the Smithsonian

Teri in the gardens near the Smithsonian Museum

Teri enjoying the white sangria at her favorite restaurant, Jaleo in Washington, DC.

Erin with her new favorite beverage, too!

and the delightful flan we shared for dessert at Jaleo

And another scrumptious dessert, something with blueberries , at Leopold's in Georgetown.

And, finally, some 'fresh' news on the kittens, aka Cheese Nips! Since our last post, they have grown into fine little boycats, kinda...

They are already 13 weeks old, and in another few weeks will be packing their bags and moving to their new homes...furry exciting! They have had free run of the house for a couple of weeks now, and while still a bit shy around new people (for about 10 minutes, hahameow), they are sweet and loving and there's nuffin' sweeter than getting bunts from a lil kitten!

They sit on Teri's lap when she's on the computer and aren't as pesty as us big cats (ie: don't walk on the keyboard and knock things off the desk). They keep busy playing with each other's tails, hahameow!

The 2 families waiting for them came for another visit last weekend and we all just laid on the floor and let them play around us! Of course, Disco got lots of attention too, and purred his rumbliest purrs with happiness! Brighton 'porpoised' and loved on everyone, and Coco did her usual shoulder riding performance (umm, she bites hair, too...). Kiki made an appearance or two, just to make sure she didn't miss out on anything.

And just cuz we know Ms Stella can't live without seeing Disco from time to time, here's a pix for her...Disco says she can join him in the 'Tunnel of Love'!!

And us CurlieSwirlie cats had another visitor that day, too! Our friend Carol, from

Coffee, Cats & Yarn,

came over to help Teri with a few '2-person' jobs and to pet on us a bunch, and she stayed for dinner---yummy BBQ'd steaks, grilled peppers and artichokes with butter (well, we didn't get any of the noms, but those two humans sure were purrin').

Then Carol went through our closet of cat clothes (really just a storage box) to pick out something girly for her one girl cat, Maus to wear to


in August. We had to laff n laff when she said 'Everything's Pink!'...Oh, Carol! Don't buy any pearls, we have a few different styles to choose from in necklaces, too!

But things kinda went south on Sunday, when lil Cheddar threw up, then had the squirts in the litter box. Teri gave him some tummy meds and took both Cheddar & Colby in to work with her on Monday. With the help of the vets, doing some tests and some medicine, too...they both were feeling fine again by Friday.

They didn't have any intestinal parasites, no bacterial overgrowth, no sign of a virus (no fever and normal CBC) so we don't really know what made them sick (could be just the little bit of stress from having visitors? Or maybe even time to stop snacking at the 'Milk Bar') but Teri was glad she could take them into work with her each day and monitor them closely.

And today is Mother's Day and for all our complaining, we do think Teri is great cat mom and we know she is purroud of us...just look at her car which shows everyone she is a 'Cat Mom'! (Click on the photo to biggify it).

She took us out strollering this weekend, too. She took Disco and Brighton to the

Pet Fiesta

yesterday (it should have been called a Pee-esta as it was mostly doggies there and well, you know how they are!) but it was fun and we got to see Dr Fern, who Teri used to work with. She had a booth with Ingrid King, of

The Conscious Cat

Dr Fern makes human and cat jewelry out of stones and crystals that have special ways of making the person or cat wearing it feel good. She gave Brighton and Disco one of those special stones to attach to their collars.

Then today, Teri took Coco and Kiki out for their very first stroll, and they went about 2 miles and they loved it! Teri said she thinks she could get 4 of us into the AT3, so maybe next weekend we all can have an outing!

After they got back, we all continued our naps, 'cept for Teri...who was still workin' on our blog! And now we'll let all of you get back to your naps, hahameow. Reading always makes one sleepy, doesn't it?!


  1. Wow! So may news!
    The baby cats are so beautiful and cuties!!!!
    I´m on diet and your photos give me watter on mouth!
    Adorable pictures!

  2. What an adorable set of kits! And happy Mother's Day!

  3. Oh those kittens are so wonderful. They grow up so fast. Our feral cat lets us pet her sort of now but she left us to go to a neighbors garage to have her kittens. I really believe she will be back unless the neighbor hands on to them all. Your blog was so fun to catch up on, thanks for sharing it.

  4. WOW!!!!

    We love these newsy posts! Teri sure has been busy, it's never a bad thing to find a bunch of things to donate for kitties. The kittens are adorable, they will make their new parents soooo happy.
    Mommy says that blueberry food thingy looks scrumptious!

  5. This blog entry was amazing and makes up for all of our waiting anxiety!!

    First off, the garden looks absolutely stunning! LOVE the birdie houses and the new kitty statue. Hey it is nice to see mr. tomtom! he looks good!

    We know the basement is looking great, and soon it will be a very nice place to hang around... except in summer it might geet too cool down there brrrr shiver.

    These are great choices to donate some of your gently used kitty treasures and they will be greatly appreciated as well, mom just gives our stuffs locally to the loudoun shelter... she should branch out more maybe....

    The photos of you and missie Erin. She looks young zippy and snazzy. Well, missie curlieTeri does too, but Erin is so young and has so many great adventures ahead.

    the back of your car is really cute. LOVE IT tons So cute that all of you are there

    We are so glad the Cheeto bros are doing well again and they look like reallllly good boys

    Have a bonkful Mother's day to all and a superb week!

    bonks and bronkies

  6. Cute kitten pictures!

    And we like the bird houses! Wonderful!

  7. What a nice newsy post! We's missed yous, but the catching up with everything all in one read was fun too!
    Kisses and Headbutts
    and thanks for the lovely post

  8. Oh my stars! Cheddar and Colby are all grown up and looking so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!! Awww how lovely!! And it's great that they're off to forever homes soon!! Yay!!

    HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to Teri!!! She's a brilliant mum and so creative and just amazing! The basement is coming along nicely, the amazing garden figurines and birdhouses are just AWESOME and there is gorgeous Tom Tom!! Yay!!

    Take care

  9. Oh my gosh, how gorgeous are the little ones! Too adorable. We really like the hummer trellis.

  10. Dat was a lot of news - tell your mom is she posted more often, she could work less. MOL!!! Love the babies...those ears are pretty enchanting!! glad everyone is doing well....

  11. We love your bird house TV - we are sure there will be plenty of entertainment for you to watch. The kittens are lovely and we bet they will be missed when the travel to their new furever homes.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  12. The garden is looking great! You do have a green thumb after all. That basement is looking fabulous as well. Hopefully we can get together again soon. Happy Meowies Day!

  13. You have got very nice bird houses! And a lot of them!! Birds will be so happy :-) Your garden is very beautiful. I love kitty statues!

  14. "Ms. Stella?"

    "Ms. STElla?"


    *walks into kitchen; sees the office chair askew; mouse dangling swinging slightly back and forth... a deathly quiet, only the drinking fountain gurgling softly...*

    Then, slightly off to one side in a puddle near the foot of the chair under the swinging mouse lies Ms. Stella. I grab the nearest magazine & start fanning her. Her large eyes glazed over staring at something in the middle distance, one eye twitching slightly and her tail limp at the back.

    "Stella? Wha? " I look up to see the screen & read the words she's enlarged 'Tunnel of Love". Oh Dear... oh dear oh dear oh dear...
    After nursing the poor thing through what must have been MONTHS of withdrawals to have such a phrase THRUST so suddenly at herself, no wonder her tiny CHEST is HEAVING in her BREATHLESS EXCITEMENT!

    "Now Ms. Stella, you simply MUST come to your senses! This is no way for a Lady Cat *of a certain age* to carry on!" I implore her

    She merely stares past me and only then do I hear the fainest echo of her voice "rosebud"

    ...To Be Continued...

  15. Veery nice blog, Teri. Love Brighton and Duncan the most. All pics cute and entreating. Keep up the good. work. Wanna do my blog, too? LOl

  16. Wow, that was a lotta news! We love the new birdhouses and garden figurines! The Cheese Nips (love that name) are so cute, and we are glad they are startin to fit it well...

  17. You know I love kitties, but the white sangria, I've never heard of. And that blueberry thing, yummmm!

  18. Wow what an update. Don't feel bad - we are not great at posting like we would like and even worse about visiting. Sometimes life just gets too crazy! And boy those are the cutest Cheese Nips I have ever seen!

  19. Holy Moly, theese was an excellent update! Love the garden and the stickers on the car! Good to see pictures of everyone. Glad the little guys are doing well. Good stuff.


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