Saturday, April 14, 2012

Another Mancat, Wordy, Thankful, Fashion Caturday!

Here it is...Caturday already! Are our Furriends ready for another 'novella'? OK! Let's start with ManCat Monday--Disco's Diet:

MeWowZa (Teri says she is thinking of getting purrsonalized license plates that say that)...Disco is down to 15# on the nose (or butt, hahameow).

Yep, since February 27th, Disco has lost a total of 1# 3 ounces now! We be furry hapurry about that, and the fact that we no longer have to starve just cuz he's on a diet...Thanks to Young Again Zero Carb!
We think by the time June is here, Disco will be pretty buff if he keeps shedding those ounces...

And for a belated Whisker Hump Wednesday...Here's Sammy curvacious Humps (in an old photo before he had to have a full mouth extraction due to resorptive lesion dental disease...).

Sammy's muzzle is a little more pointy now he doesn't have 'fang' teeth, but he is happier, healthier and actually fatter than he was with ouchy toofers!

And Thankful Thursday? Here's a lovely photo of Candi, one of our extended family that Teri got to spend some time with on Earth Hour Evening last week...

And for a Fun, Springtime Fashion Statement, here's Coco, sporting her cute new Daisy Harness ...something she could wear at BlogPaws if she is the lucky cat who gets to go with Teri in June!

On an 'Oh Noes' note,  the perfect home that Teri picked out for Hero ended up not being able to adopt him cuz their landlord changed their mind about letting them have a cat...Here' what Emily and Daniel sadly wrote to Teri:

Hi Teri,

I'm so sorry for the delay in communication. Daniel and I have been trying everything we can to see if we can still adopt Hero. VERY late last week, our landlord decided that him and his wife (who has mild cat allergies) have decided they might, one day in the future, want to move back into the house. So, for that reason they do not want us to get a cat. 

I was heart broken. We offered to pay a pet deposit, pet rent, and to get the house professionally cleaned as often as they would like. They still said no. So Daniel called and tried speaking to our landlord about the fact that he has cat allergies and  had no trouble when he visited Hero and the other cats at your home. Apparently the landlord's wife is concerned that their child might someday develop cat allergies, and is unwilling to risk it. 

Teri, I cannot tell you how upset Daniel and I are. We really feel like Hero is the perfect cat for us, but unfortunately  we are stuck at the moment, and won't be able to adopt him :(. You have been so wonderful throughout this entire process, and I am so sorry to have to give you this terrible news). Thank you so much for your offer to keep Hero for us, but I would hate for him to not go to another wonderful home who could take him right away. 

If it would be okay with you, if our landlord changes his mind, or when our lease is up and we move, I would like to contact you again in case you still have Hero, or have another wonderful cat up for adoption. 

Again Teri, I honestly cannot express to you how sad Daniel and I are about the way this turned out. We did not expect this at all. Please let me know if you have any other ideas we could try.

Thank you for all of your help and patience,

Emily and Daniel 

Sad news, huh? And Hero and Clem are doing so well, too. They now get to have some 'house time' (while we are in the basement so we don't intrude on the 'introoders') and they both are still using the litter boxes without any lapses (um, unlike Disco who sprayed in Teri's our bedroom after Hero and Clem were out and about today!).

 and a couple of short videos of their runnin' and rompin' fun times!

In fact, 'the boys' have a little bit of cabin fever now that they know there's a world of fun outside their bedroom door! Here's some pictures of the 'remodeling' they've been doing behind closed doors...

But Hero and Clement told us they rearranged their blankies cuz their food bowl was empty!

(they also have a funny habit of putting toys on their food plate when they are done eating, hahameow!)

So, that catches you up to today...let's hope we have some time this weekend to visit you all, too...we keep trying to catch up, but our cat naps must get in the way of progress...or is that Teri's sleeping in that does it?

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  1. Oh poor Hero. But we are thrilled about Disco!

  2. Thanks fur catchin us up! Concats to Disco on his diet. We luf the daisy harness on Coco. It's adorable. We wish the best of luck to Hero on findin a new furever home. xoxo

    Pee Ess - thanks fur the kind words and get well wishes fur Princess and Prancer Pie. It is much appreciated

  3. Wow, you had a lot of catching up to do! Paws up for Disco's weight loss! Paws down on the landlord of the humans who wanted to adopt Hero. Sometimes I think the whole "allergy" thing is just a disguise for "hates cats." Seriously.

  4. That was a lot of news but glad to know that everyone is all right. That is so too bad that those people couldn't adopt the kitty. That is too sad for everyone. Good to see all of you. Have a great week end.

  5. I never met a landlord who'd even consider living in one of their rental units. Just say you don't want pets!

    Good job, Disco! Love that daisy harness!

  6. Such sad news for Disco. What an uninformed Landlord!
    Me gives 5 paws up for Disco! Wait! Me only has 4 me will use one of Kozmos!
    PS Me loved the videos!

  7. A lot of news!!! Kisses on yous babies!

  8. Precious Disco. He knows he has an admirer in me.

    I am so sorry for Hero's would-be adoptive parents. And for Hero. Seems he would have been dearly loved.

    All of the babies look wonderful. Xxoo xxoo

  9. Good going, Disco! You're gonna be svelte in no time! Coco, we love your daisy harness!! Very stylish! But were very sad news about Hero...what's wrong with that landlord human???

  10. That is sad news for Hero and a big thumbs down for the landlord. Concats to Disco on his continued weight loss. Coco looks cute in her Daisy harness.

  11. Disco looks great & Daisy's harness is be-u-ti-ful! That's very sad about the adoption, though. I hope they find forever homes soon.

    Nubbin wiggles,

  12. That's too bad about Hero. We hope it works out that they can adopt later. Yay for Disco! We love the Daisy harness - it's so pretty!

  13. I think landlords that refuse to allow pets are misguided. It's not responsible pet owners that cause damage to their property- it's the ones that try to sneak in a pet without paying a deposit.

    I hope Hero finds a forever home.


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