Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Whisker Hump Wednesday (and Disco's diet update)

Ya'll probably know who's Humps these are, hahameow! Maybe we should call them Whiskerless Humps!

Disco actually does have whiskers, but they are very short and curled, kinda like a baby's eyelashes
And since we missed another ManCat Monday--Disco's Diet update, we are purroud to announce that Disco weighed in on Monday at 15# 5 ounces! Down 4 ounces this week!! Down 14 oz since beginning the Zero Carb food. We are happurry about that, and one thing that Teri really likes about feeding the Young Again Zero Carb dry food, is that she can leave down 'free choice'.

Us kitties spend most of our time in the basement watching Cat TV or burrowed in our sleepin' bag, so we have to walk up 2 flights of stairs to get a snack, but that's actually good exercise to burn off a few calories anyway, hahameow.

We are still eating some raw RadCat, and some Nulo and Life's Abundance Instictive canned, too (TomTom gets our leftovers) and Teri thinks Coco's slimmed down a bit too (she kinda needed to as she gained a pound since she was spayed a year ago...and Sammy? Well, he chunked up from just over 6# to just under 9# since he was neutered, so he is dieting, too...but at least with Young Again's Zero Carb kibble, it doesn't really seem like a diet

We so much liked this Infographic that we are posting it again (just so you know, Disco's caloric needs for him to lose weight are ~ 195kcals)

Pet Obesity

Pet obesity graphic produced by Matt Beswick for Pet365


  1. - oH..sORry
    NeED tO WiPE OfF The ScREen_

    Oh for goodness sake Ms. Stella, if you wanted to kiss him you coulda done that with your photos in your GurlCatCave!

    We are happy that Mr. D is staying on his diet & doing well, though we fear that he might be suffering. Good thing we aren't there to slip him treats.

    That Woman

  2. love Disco's eyelashes. MOL someone asked mom the other day what happened to the whiskers of a devon rex at the shelter and she said they just are that way - short and curly. purrs on the weight loss kidz

  3. We always laugh at these. We've always had vets who would rather have our cats be a little too plump than not plump enough and they never tell us to lose weight. Chey is almost 11 pounds and a pure bred Siamese and the vet is thrilled that she was able to put weight back on after her surgery. It does depend upon the individual cat and the veterinarian recommendation.

  4. Well done Disco, keep up the good work.

  5. Teri and kitties,
    Thank you so much for coming by our blog with your kind consoling words of sympathy for Scooby. So many from the Cat Blogosphere came whom like you, we've never met but we are all connected by the love we have for our feline family members.
    Thank you so much for your lovely words and we are happy to meet you!

  6. Looking good, Disco! Mommy is sendin you big kisses!

  7. Whooo! Hoos! If yous was not Ms Stella's Beau, me would be sending yous love letters Disco!
    Your Whisker humps is beauteous!

  8. We love our Sphynx's whisker stumps.

    And this is very useful info. Our Dachshund is thin and lean (she's very athletic) but we know for a fact Sphynx are gluttons. We have to be careful with their diets, they will eat ANYTHING and gulp it all up. Sphynx have a tendency to get fat, we've heard. Congrats for Disco!


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