Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Disco's Biopsy Results...

Disco will be wearing his Super Sphynx Cat Muscle Shirt to confront this disease! Go Disco!
Disco's biopsies are back with no sign of lymphoma (cancer) currently, but with the manageable diagnosis of IBD, but with proprial round cells--a precursor of cancer? Teri will have to ask her vet tomorrow as these results didn't come in until after they closed. She didn't want to read ANYTHING about round cells!

IBD can always turn into cancer due to the chronic inflammation, but I am hoping we found this early enough to manage the disease for a long, long time!

For those who want the details, here's the report:
Small intestine: Mild to moderate lymphoplasmacytic mucosal enteritis.
Colon: Mild lymphoplasmacytic mucosal colitis with fibrosis.
Pancreas: Mild multifocal lymphoplasmacytic interstitial inflammation.

The histologic changes, in combination with the clinical suggestive of a clinical diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease. Inflammatory bowel disease is a clinical syndrome for which difficult to develop a valid, objective histologic counterpart. This case, histologic findings are compatible with a clinical diagnosis of this syndrome. The etiopathogenesis of inflammatory bowel disease is not understood in any animal species.

The nature of the inflammatory infiltrate suggests that intolerance to dietary antigens or antigens produced by the enteric implicated. Histologic changes may be the side effects of T-mediated activity in the mucosa. An immunophenotypic inflammatory bowel disease in cats demonstrated outcomes with dysregulation of immunoinflammatory events.

Major histocompatibility complex class II expression by proprial round cells in affected sites was also more pronounced. Additionally, lymphoplasmacytic inflammatory bowel disease may progress to alimentary lymphoma in some cases.

The inflammation noted within the pancreatic interstitium is mild and may not be of clinical significance.

Here's some links to info on IBD:



http://bit.ly/ON9RmB (Warning: Photos of intestines)

But then again, maybe Disco looks tougher in his hoodie, what do you think?


  1. Disco looks very handsum indeed! We are sendin lots of purrs and purrayers fur him and you. Thanks fur the update. XOXOXO

  2. Paws crossed that those round cells don't mean a whole lot! Keep us posted - I am interested in hearing about what sort of treatment Disco will be getting for his IBD.

  3. Sending our biggest and best purrs and prayers Disco's way for his healing and good health.

  4. Wow, that sounds complicated. I am very glad it wasn't lymphoma! What sort of diet will Disco take to help him feel better?

  5. Darling Disco!!!! You look adorable in whatever outfit you wear! Take care

  6. We're glad it's manageable and that Disco is going to be okay! We're sending him lots of purrs!

  7. We know you can handle it Disco! We all send you purrs and hugs!

  8. Whew! Glad the biopsies didn't show cancer!

  9. purrs Disco - hopefully your mom will get some good info from the v-e-t. And we love the hoodie!!

  10. We're very VERY relieved it was IBD and with no indication of the Big C! Purraying those cells remain IBD only!!

  11. Disco is in our Purrayers! Wes is rooting for team Disco!

  12. Yay Unkle Disckers
    Bonks and bronks
    You are such a handsome mancat

  13. Disco...love you bunches and I am sorry to learn about this. I hope hope hope that all will be well for you.


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