Monday, September 3, 2012

ManCat Monday-Disco Edition

It's been a busy week at our house this past week, full of some worries and also some smiles, too. I have been too distracted to put together a blog post, and have been keeping our friends who are on Facebook updated with short clips of news and photos...

But I know not all of our friends are on Facebook and so I thought I better be filling you all in, too, but I'll take the easy way out and cut and paste everything from Facebook!

Wednesday 8/29
Too tired to write a blog post tonight, but wanted everyone to know Disco made it through his exploratory surgery, with numerous biopsies taken-pancreas, ileum, colon. Pancreas not looking good, colon lacking 'tone', LN's looked paw in front of the other til the results come back in a few days. I love him so, and while there's always a risk with anesthesia, I just had to do the biopsies so I would know how to treat whatever he has, so he can share many more of his nine lives with me! Here's a photo of him in his warming blanket in recovery.

Thursday 8/30
I kept Disco confined in the library Wednesday night, with his bed and heating pad on the floor and close by the litter boxes. I left the light on for him. He was feeling pretty sore and slow and so he went into work with me so I could monitor him closely. By mid-afternoon, he wanted to come out of his cage and I brought in the last of the catnip we grow outside the hospital and spread it around on the carpet he loves to roll around on...except when he tried, his tummy hurt so he just did a half-roll and was happy for the nip!

Friday 8/31
Disco was feeling better today, after scaring me last night when he wouldn't eat anything I offered him and I had to syringe feed him. I missed sleeping with him, but confined him to the library again so he could rest and I took him into work with me again--I am sooo fortunate to be able to do that and it eases my mind to have him with me.

Saturday 9/1
Disco was doing much better! He slept with me last night and seems comfortable again. He is eating, moving around more and his incision looks great...he hasn't bothered it at all. I think I will be able to stop his pain meds tomorrow. One of the side effects of buprenex is that it can cause ileus (a disruption of the normal propulsive ability of the gastrointestinal tract) and I really would like to see him poop so I know his guts are working ok.

While he was recuperating, I power washing my townhouse! When I add up the 8 hours spent, and how much water I used, I could have paid someone $185 to do it, but it looks nice and now I'll know next year what's involved with doing it myself!

Sunday 9/2
I still haven't actually seen Disco poop, but he is eating well and urinating so I am thinking that his deposits must now look like the other cats...which is a vast improvement! With it being a holiday weekend and the lab being closed on Monday, it will probably be Wednesday before we get the biopsy results back...waiting is hard, but in a way blissful ignorance, too.

And today, all the kitties got to spend some time outside in their Condo and I was able to catch up with a few things I was way behind on, like a test and review, which will post tomorrow, and talking with a reporter who wanted to know about leash training cats, and visiting a few CB friends, too! Oh, and adding to the kitties wardrobe for the next BlogPaws---hope I can keep a secret that long!'s just a peek.

I want everyone to know how very much their well wishes and purrs and sweet thoughts they have been sending Disco's way mean to me. It gives me strength to keep positive and feel your support to handle any diagnosis that comes, but always hoping for the best--something manageable.


  1. You and Disco are so lucky that you work in a clinic where he can accompany you during his recuperation! Please keep us posted on the results!

  2. Our paws are double crossed fur Disco. Mommy is purrayin fur you and him. XOXOXO

  3. Oh darling Disco!!! We continue to send you purrs and hugs!
    Take care

  4. We're thinking lots of pawsitive thoughts for you and Disco. Love his t-shirt :) And thanks for your good thoughts for Cosmo too.

  5. Firstly mum says she is sorry that she missed a lot of this and swh wanted to say that she is keeping the sweety in her thoughts and prayers. I so hope the results are good and that its onwards and upwards from here.. I send huge rumbly purrs that all will be well.. Hugs GJ xx

  6. Disco, we are purring and puraying fur you! You are in our thoughts often. We nose how much your mommy loves you!

  7. Alla I can say is that My ManCat shouldn't have to stoop to hiding a 'tummy tuck' by scaring his mommy half to death! Honestly, but isn't a man with scars just the pawsome?! I think so. Sending love and lustful *gentle* licks to my main squeeze.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  8. Me is just so happy that Disco is feeling better. Me did catch some of the Facebook Posts but not all. Mommy does not "do" facebook as often as ne would like!

  9. Sounds like he is doing pretty well! Hope they figure out how to make him feel better!


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