Monday, November 25, 2013

ManCat Monday

You might remember Carlos, the handsomest of Orange kitties ever!

Teri is in a bit of a funk today because tomorrow she is driving down to get Carlos from the family that adopted him and his brother Zeuss in October.

She got a phone call from the family that adopted Carlos and Zeuss last month, and after talking with them, she is going to take Carlos back, as he is not settling in happily as his brother has. Here is a link the a blog post we did about them when we first got them back in May:

While we did get them back for inappropriate urination problems, they have not had any problems that way in the past 6 months, not once! But Carlos has a behavior issue that has caused problems in the 2 homes he has been in and neither home has wanted to start him on anxiety medication to see if that would help, so Teri is going to do that after she has a vet appointment for an exam and labwork.

Carlos (he is almost 4 years old, born 1-27-2010) has Pica (eating non-food items) and in his first home chewed holes in socks, sweaters, blankets and curtains. Here at our house, as he and his brother were confined to a 'cat safe' bedroom, the only things he chewed on were cat toys and their blanket. 

But in the home he is in now, he has chewed up scarves and many socks and also is a 'door dasher' and the family has kids and lots of people in and out and she is afraid he will escape and they live where there are lots of foxes and coyotes. 

So, the best thing for Carlos is for him to come home to us to see if Teri can help him. Here is a link to info on Pica:

He is sweet, affectionate and very handsome and we would love to think he someday could have a chance at happiness in a home where he may do better,  in a quieter environment with people who dote on him rather that a family with kids where they don't get enough attention for their needs. 

Of course, Teri is hoping that putting him on anxiety meds will help him, too, as the nutriceutical type calming aids didn't help at all, neither did the Royal Canin Calm diet...

At first, Carlos will be Sammy's room mate, in the big floor to ceiling cat condo, until he and Sammy get to know each other. Teri can get him on anxiety meds and who knows, maybe they will become best buds and that would be good for both of them! We are not sure if Carlos will miss his brother Zeuss, but we do know we will be glad to have him home so we can help him if we can.

Teri said she advised the two home he's already been in to take him to the vets and start him on meds, but neither family followed through with Teri's advice and she said that is the most frustrating part of all this. If he had been treated early on for his anxiety issues, maybe he could have overcome them! Now his is almost 4 years old... maybe it's too late! 

But we will try...we owe it to Carlos to try!


  1. That is sad that these families did not give the meds a try. If meds can help Carlos, then why not? It does sound like he needs a much quieter living situation than the one he came from. I actually think it's to this family's credit that they understood they weren't the best fit for him, even if they did not try the meds.

  2. Awwww poor Carlos!! He's just being Carlos, bless him. Hopefully he'll find his perfect family soon! Take care

  3. Poor Carlos and poor Teri! It is sad that sometimes taking advice seems to be the hard part. But...we are very proud of Teri for being committed to her kitties and we know she will do right by Carlos. :)

  4. We will cross all our paws that Carlos will do well once he is on the medication he needs.

    The Chans

  5. Awww Poor Carlos. I hope Teri can help him better than the two families he lived with! We are sending purrs for Carlos.

  6. We don't understand irresponsible pet parents who don't do what is best for their animal. It definitely sounds as if Carlos could use some anti-anxiety meds. What a disservice to him these two families were. If anybody can get him straightened out, we know Teri can. We do remember when he and Zeus were adopted. Carlos is such a gorgeous boy and deserves to feel well and be happy. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Poor Carlos. We sure hope he can get his issues under control and find another home. We don't think it's too late.

  8. We are sending lots of purrs for Carlos and also many hugs for you, Terri. I don't think anyone out there will be a compassionate. For whatever reason the matches failed, your solution is perfect, and Carlo will be safe. - Jobi and Fisher

  9. Don't some kitties - no matter how well they're raised - have issues? Our Faraday gets so easily spooked you'd think he was abused by his previous owner. But we're not sure that's the case. Poor Carlos, we hope anti anxiety meds do the trick for this guy!


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