Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Just in case you think that Coco Couture Cat is the first of our family to wear a wig. . .

This is a Pop Art canvas featuring Nani, who lives on as Teri's avatar from time to time. . .

Nani crossed the Bridge, but is fondly remembered every day when Teri looks at her amazing picture! Sometimes, she wonders what ever happened to the artist that transformed this photo of Nani. . .

Into this!

She thinks maybe he went to the Bridge, too and found Nani there. . .

Here is something she found on the web about him, just click on his name to learn more about him:


Oh, and don't forget to Hop today, too!


  1. Now you have my human curious! She's been searching for him all over Google - unfortunately he has a pretty common name!

  2. We love this! It looks like an Andy Warhol! What a pretty kitteh Nani was.


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