Friday, February 28, 2014

Frootbat Friday

This F.F., here's some pix of Abbie and Picchu, each with their own style of Frootbattiness!

Abbie is a Sphynx (or a Devon Rex...Teri is leaning more towards Devon Rex as her head shape is more to the D.R. standard...

But Abbie was sprung from a kill shelter in West Virginia a few years ago, with Teri's help and was adopted by Picchu's family...Yay! The shelter said she was a Sphynx, and she could be just a very hairy Sphynx, like Disco is...

Picchu is one of our extended family and actually has less fur than Abbie, hahameow! In these photos, you can see the difference in the size and shape of her ears compared to Abbie's...

But both girls have lovely Frootbats, don't you think?!

Ps: Oh, for an update on how they are doing with their 'inappropriate urination issues'...they are doing perfectly 100% compliant with using their litter boxes and during the day, they have free run of Teri's our bedroom and no peeing on bedding or blankets there, either! Another Yay!

They sleep in the bathroom at night so we can canoodle with Teri, cuz that's only right! Next week when our B & B guests go home, Abbie and Picchu get to move into the Library Room...

 And we'll get our bedroom back 24/7 again.
More Yay's!


  1. I am glad to hear the girls are doing well with their litterbox compliance!

  2. Good "letterbox" news ! The last picture is almost a quizz : where is the cat and where is the blankie ? Purrs

  3. What adorable girl cats! We're glad to hear they are 100% on their litter box etiquette :)

  4. They both have lovely frootbats. I am glad they are not having litter box issues.

  5. YAY for the girls' track record with the litterbox! WOOOO!!!!

  6. Fabulous photo's, and that's one supurr sunny sun puddle you've got!!

    Happy Monday on Frootbat Friday! MOL

    Purrs Basil XOX


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