Wednesday, February 12, 2014

(Not So) Wordless Wednesday

Teri's been kinda busy lately...cuz even though Snickers & Twix went off to their new forever home a couple of weeks ago, we now have two new kitties staying with us.

Picchu (one of our extended family) and Abbie (a Sphynx Teri helped spring from a shelter in West Virginia) are going to be staying with us until September cuz their CatMom is in Afghanistan.

They had been in a foster home since August and Teri had been going over every couple of month to give them a Spa Day and check on them. But Picchu was having some out-of-litter box issues and she had lost quite a bit of weight, so their CatMom asked Teri to take over their care and she would pay her, so that would help us out financially, too.

So Teri went and picked them up on February 3rd and started pouring the food to them. Silly Teri started pouring the food them them, a big change and she thinks it upset Picchu's stomach. They had been on ProPlan dry mealtime fed and she put it out free choice, but they didn't seem to be gorging. She also added ProPlan canned. 

Maybe Teri shouldn't have done that at the beginning--too many changes? What happened next was that Picchu got sick and Teri had her vet out to see her. This vet also does house calls, which is nice cuz Picchu hates car rides! Disco got sick 2 weeks ago with a bout of pancreatitis, and Teri thought Picchu may be having a similar issue. 

Picchu's exam showed her to be dehydrated with squishy 'stuff' felt in the intestines. She looked through all her old vet records and feels her vomiting is not normal (she has a history of having a 'sensitive stomach'.

The meds Teri gave Disco for his recent bout of pancreatitis is what Picchu is taking and she is back to feeling good again and has put on 6 ounces already. Yay! Unfortunately, Abbie has also put on 6 ounces and she didn't need to gain weight, hahameow!

We got Picchu's labwork back and this is what the vet said:

She is not diabetic or hyperthyroid.  Her kidneys and liver are functioning normally. Her labs show that she has some inflammation (the elevation in neutrophils) and that she is slightly anemic.  The sodium and chloride levels are due to her vomiting.  

I think it would be a good idea to get "whole cat" radiographs on her.  The anemia, especially given her state of dehydration yesterday, is what I am most worried about. If she were adequately hydrated, the RBC count would be even lower. 

If she doesn't put on weight and is still feeling crappy for a few days, then you need to go ahead and have radiographs done.  Unfortunately, what I'm on the hunt for in the xrays is cancer. But who knows... You may have just induced a bout of pancreatitis and she will put on weight after being back with you for a while.

We hope that is the case, cuz we are all worried about Picchu, and want her to be happy and healthy again! We'll keep you all 'in the loop' about Picchu and Abbie while they stay with us!

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  1. I am sending lots of purrs to Picchu! I hope she feels better soon.

  2. we are sending purrs to the new girls (and their mom overseas). we know they are in great hands!!

  3. So sorry to hear that Picchu isn't feeling well! We'll be sending prayers and purrs. It is a tough situation when kitties are sick.

  4. Hello, nice to meet you ! We send Picchu healing purrs and hope she gets well soon. Purrs

  5. Sending purrs for Picchu and hope her problem is something that can be successfully treated.

  6. Picchu is so pretty with gorgeous markings. We really hope that she starts to put on weight and it turns out she doesn't have cancer or anything else that serious. We'll keep her in our prayers. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  7. Sending warm healing thoughts your way - WOOF WOOF

  8. Jenna is sending lots of purrs for Picchu. No free feeding for Abbie ;)

  9. ohhhhh, crossing our paws that it's pancreatitis (though that can be a bear to deal with too!). And we think it's sooo wonderful that you're caring for these guys while their mom's in Afghanistan (AND that she's paying Teri too - WOOT!)


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