Monday, March 31, 2014

ManCat Monday, Disco Style...

This photo made us laff 'n laff.... 

Disco, you should cover your mouth when you yawn...

Disco in his slimmer days... 
you can see his stripes even without fur!

Disco got interviewed in NYC by Inside Edition once...

And a friend just shared this funny BuzzFeed with us,
and guess you recognize Disco? 
He's much more handsome than Putin!!
Click on the link below to laff 'n laff yourselves!


  1. So is Disco a ginger tabby? Or would he be if he had fur?

  2. lookin good Disco. Mom was talking to someone the other day about Sphynx's. The lady said - oh they are so long and sleek. Mom snorted. :)

  3. What a big mouth Disco ! I can almost see the table on which you're sitting ! Purrs. Zorro

  4. Wow, WE yawned just seein the pictures! An we LOVED the cat/Putin pictures...

  5. Love those stripes, Disco! *smoooch*

  6. DISCO - you're MUUUCH more handsome than Putin!

  7. Teri, Thank you for sharing that link.I needed a good laugh after reading and crying about Mozart. #14 was the best of the bunch, but each photo comparison was spot on. Thanks, Janet


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