Friday, April 4, 2014

FrootBat Friday... Fly Free, Sweet Mozart

We got some sad news this morning...

       I’m very sad to tell you that Mozart died this morning. He was out in our garden sunning himself. Our neighbor and friend was out walking her two dogs, off the leash, and one of them got Mo. It was over in an instant.

        Mo had a great life and he loved it here. We knew he took his chances every day outside, like all the mice (and occasional bunnies) that he killed for sport. But he really thrived in a way that he never did inside.

        We will miss him like crazy. As will the kids, who have loved him since they can remember. As will his sister, Laney, with whom he shared every day of his 13 years.

        Thank you for bringing him into our lives.

When Teri was breeding Cornish Rex, part of her contract was that our extended family would live as indoor only kitties... but other than offering advice, she often couldn't control things from afar. But as a vet tech, she knows that cats are safest indoors...

She wrote back: 

I am grateful that you shared this sad news with me, as it gives me closure when one of my kitties dies...instead of not knowing. Recently a kitty of mine who also lives in England and who also went outside, turned up missing after a town celebration where he was out and about with his family and they think someone stole him the next day as he attracted a lot of attention. They tried to find him, even involving the police, to no avail and I am sad to think of all the bad things that could happen to him and not knowing is difficult. So again, I am glad that you let me know about Mozart.

Having indoor only kitties, it is one of my fears that if they escaped outside that they might be attacked by a dog. I think for both animal and human, that while quick, that it would be a terrifying way to die. I fear fire in the same way. I know Mozart and you all took your risks by him going outside, but in spite of that, he did live a good, long and happy life with you. 

My only hope is that the neighbor who was walking her dogs off leash and who obviously have a strong prey drive, will have learned something from this sorrowful experience and never walk her dogs off leash ever again. I have my doubts that will happen, but it would comfort me to know that she did accept responsibility for her dogs actions and changed because of no other cat would ever have to suffer the consequences of her dogs not being under her control...

And thank you for the lovely photograph, too. I will remember him fondly, forever...

And right away she got an email back, which did comfort her a little more...

Just to reassure you, your hope that my neighbor will have learned something will be gratified. She was utterly distraught, took full responsibility, and just shy of euthanizing her dog, vowed she will never let anything like this happen again. 

There are plenty of walks nearby, where she and I have taken her dogs many times, miles away from houses, people, children and pets, where it's safe for her dogs to run, so she will be using those areas and she won’t be walking them off the leash anywhere near the houses. 

Small consolation, I know, but important nonetheless.  

Teri loves each and every kitty she helped bring into the world, and even after they have crossed the Bridge, she leaves their names on our calendar so she can remember them on the day they were born...Forever in her Heart...


  1. Sending comforting purrs and prayers to Mozart's family and to you, Teri.

  2. We're so sorry to read that Mozart died like this. Small comfort to know that this neighbour is taking responsibility. Purrs to you all and to Mozart's human, who obviously loved him dearly.


  3. That is so sad and an awful way for a life to end. RIP Mozart.

  4. We are so very sorry to hear this about Mozart. We will refrain from what we would like to say about the dog and especially the owner but it's just tragic and we know all who loved Mozart are broken hearted. We send our deepest purrs.

  5. So sorry to hear about Mozart. Sending hugs and purrs from me and the Hotties kitties.

  6. For some reason, I have been overly emotional about everything today, and though I never knew Mozart, I am crying very hard for him right now. Some kitties never make it to 13 years, so he did not have a short life, but I find this a terrible way to die. I know I would be inconsolable. My condolences to you and to Mozart's family. Hugs, Janet

  7. We are so sorry to hear this tragic news about Mozart. Purrs to you and Mozart's family.

  8. We are so sorry to hear about Mozart. That is very sad-

  9. That makes us so sad to hear about Mozart. :-(

  10. So sad. Our condolences to Mozart's family.

  11. Hugs and purrs to Mozart's pawrents. It is nice for owners to know what happened to their pets--so many pets that go outside just disappear.

  12. Oh Gosh, I am so sorry for everyone. Mozart's human parents, his sister Laney. And this sure hasn't been easy news for you. Mozart was a beautiful boy. This is very sad. I really wish they hadn't let him be outside but you can't control people, places and things. At least there was closure.

  13. I'm so sorry to hear about the tragic death of Mozart, it's so sad. I send you and your humans comforting purrs and gentle headbutts. Purrs, Zorro

  14. How very sad. Purrs of healing and comfort to all who knew and loved Mozart


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