Thursday, February 5, 2015

Frootbat Friday, Pixie Style

It's the day we post our best photos of our ginormous ears, affectionately called Frootbats! And it's been almost 3 weeks since Pixie arrived back at her birth home here, to begin a new life. She's 7 years old now and Teri hadn't seen her in quite a few years...

Pixie at a cat show in NYC when she was a kitten
Her family is getting divorced and Pixie had been unhappy for a long time and showing that emotional distress by peeing and pooping outside the litter box. Teri has a specific protocol she follows when working with a kitty with litter box issues. She has it on her Facebook page, but maybe we should have her do a post just on that!

Pixie at 12 weeks old
Anyone who knows Teri knows how important her kitties are to her and she has taken back quite a few Cornish Rex kitties that have had litter box issues (FIE or Feline Inappropriate Elimination) and she has been able to help many of them get better and be able to find new forever homes that more fit their personalities and temperament.

Pixie when she was a kitten, 12 weeks old
But we are happurry to let you all know that Pixie has been 100% purrfect in her litter box usage since she arrived here and that makes Teri very happurry, too! She now has free run of the old 'stud room' where Sammy and Taddy used to reside when they were Daddy Cats. 

It is free of any carpet or furniture that might entice Pixie to pee on, but Teri did put down a jute runner because, darn--that tile is cold on the tootsies! Pixie spends a lot of her time sleeping in her heated cat bed (kinda like the rest of us do upstairs) and Teri goes in an visits with her numerous times a day, but we are sure she is lonely and maybe a little confused about what is going on in her life...                    

She also had some skin rash on her inner thighs so Teri has been bathing her twice a week in a medicated shampoo and her skin and coat look a lot better now! The doctor noticed she had decreased ROM in one hind leg and it turns out, Teri found out, that she was caught in a closet door when she was a kitten and never went to the vet at the time and I guess no other vet noticed it? Grrrr. Anyway, when she gets her teeth cleaned, they will X-ray the leg to see what's going on there. 

But, they can't clean her teeth quite yet, cuz the vet hears a heart murmur and wants Teri to have a cardiologist see her before she goes under anesthesia. That is the prudent thing to do, but Teri has to save up some green papers so she can that that done!

But she seems happy and well-adjusted and is eating well and gaining weight. The day after she arrived back home here, Teri took her into the vets for a full exam and lab work and the lab results were all pretty normal, except Pixie was slightly anemic. Her parasite tests were negative, so the vet thought it might be nutritional, so Pixie is on a buffet of high quality foods and she already looks better physically. The vet will repeat the lab work in a couple more weeks to see if the anemia is gone. 

So, that is the update on Pixie for this Frootastic Friday! Stay tuned for more mews, and more photos of her soon!


  1. Paws up for all the good treatment Pixie is getting! I'm sending purrs her way in hopes that any other issues she is having are addressed and treated.

  2. Pixie is a pretty girl. I am glad she is doing well back with you in an environment that she is obviously much happier with.

  3. Pixie is adorable and we are SO happy she is back with you all and doing so much better already

  4. We're glad she's doing well ! Pixie sends special purrs to Pixie ! Purrs, Zorro

  5. hay ewe gorgeous !!! happee froot bat fryday two ewe pixie.. N any time ya wanna add a few pounds...let uz noe, we will send ewe out a cargo load oh perch, flounder, trout ore mackerull !!

    heerz two a mustard eel & marlin kinda week oh end ♥

  6. I am glad Pixie is happy and adjusted. Sorry about the murmur and the leg, I hope she will be OK. I am amazed at how common murmurs are,4 of our 15 have them.

  7. You look lovely, Pixie, an we're glad you're back home where you feel good. Will you be staying there for good now?

    The Chans

  8. With ears like those, we bet you can hear what the neighbors are doing. MOL!


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