Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Wordless Wednesday Celebrates Spoil Your Pet Month!

While Teri was in New York City, spoiling Coco, the Couture Cat...we were getting spoiled by our cat sitters (who are LVT's too!) and Disco charmed his way into Laura's hubby's heart, causing him to say that Disco could be the next internet sensation...not Coco!

And Kely & Sammy have finally become good friends (we think the cold weather helped bring them closer together, hahameow! They get spoiled with a soft and warm faux fur bed and down blanket!

And Pixie, who has been back at home with us for a month now and has had no litter box lapses at all, will soon get to move into the library room and get some spoiling herself!

Next on the spoiled cat list Coco, but that goes without saying. She has to work hard at being a Diva...

But makes time to find a bit of sun to bask in!

Find out how other spoiled pets are celebrating February by joining in the #BlogPaws Wordless Wednesday Blog Hop...we are sure you will come up with some ideas to tell your humans about!


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