Friday, March 20, 2015

Froot Bat Friday, Pixie Style

This is little Frootbat Pixie when she was just a little kitten, long before she went off to what Teri thought would be her happy forever home.

And here she is, with her siblings...Clementine, Furgie, Abigail Ann and Duncan. They all live from California to Maryland...and are happy in their homes... that makes Teri happy!

But it also makes Teri glad that when Pixie wasn't happy in the home she picked out for her so many years ago, that her owner called Teri to take her back and Pixie didn't end up being relinquished to a shelter...the thought of that makes Teri very sad.

Pixie has been back home with us since the middle of January 2015, going through Teri's FIE Rehab Program. Here's a link to the first blog post Teri wrote about her when she came back tup us and we are happy to repurrt that she has gotten an A+ in all her 'schooling' so far! She now resides in one of our B & B guest rooms... see the video below:


She has not had one litter box lapse in the whole time she has been here, and that is quite amazing, as she had been peeing and pooping outside of the box for many years according to her previous owners. But that home was not a happy one after all--too many pets, too many family problems and it is obvious now to Teri how unhappy she must have been all this time...

But she is safe and happy now and just about to move up to the next level of her rehabilitation, meeting one of us kitties and seeing if she is ok with sharing her space and her litter boxes with another cat.

Teri will take it slow and easy at first, leaving them together with supervision, then only when she is home and eventually 24/7 and if Pixie is ok with that, then she will get to have free run of our house to see if she would be ok living with multiple kitties again. 

So watch out blog for updates and new photos of Pixie, and we know you will be rooting for her to continue to along the path of good litter box use and show us that she can be a happy, well-adjusted kitty after all!


  1. Sometimes I think it is the humans who need the litter box rehab, not the kitties. Just sayin'.

  2. I'm so glad that Pixie didn't end up in a shelter! The poor thing. She looks great and seems really happy now that she is back with Terri. I'm so happy to hear that she is making good progress.
    -Purrs from your friends at

  3. We are so glad that Pixie is safe and happy again!

    The Chans

  4. We share the same name, funny : a frootbat Pixie and a tortie Pixie in Switzerland ! We agree with Summer, some humans need sometimes litter box management lessons. Pixie seems happy to be back with you, we bet she'll doing better very soon. Purrs

  5. Pixie is obviously happy back at "home". We're glad she's doing so well with her rehab :)


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