Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sunday Remembering--Our #BlogPaws 2011 Conference Slideshow 'n More!

If you are reading know we are blogging cats, HahaMeow!

You may have even met us in person at one of the BlogPaws conferences Teri has chauffeured us to!

We are traveling cats, and enjoy visiting new places, staying in nice hotels, meeting up with friends, and fine dining! We think BlogPaws Conferences are all that, and more!

 We have been to 5 of the 6 annual conferences, each one in a different city (oh, except for the two in Tysons, VA cuz the first one was right in the middle of a hurricane!).


The first BlogPaws conference was in Columbus OH and as Coco, the Couture Cat wasn't a Diva Jet Setter then, Teri just took Brighton And Disco. Here's links to the blog posts we did about that purringly purrfect experience! 

And if you want to read what other bloggers blogged about after they attended BlogPaws 2011, here's the BlogPaws Linky List for all that!

Here's a video that put together of their experience at BlogPaws 2011:

And Teri gathered all the photos she could find that she took at the 2011 conference, which took place in our 'backyard', Tyson's Corner, VA and she made this SmileBox slideshow for your viewing enjoyment, in the hopes that it will encourage you to come to the 2015 conference in Nashville TN!

                             Click to play this Smilebox photo album
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Carol Bryant, the BlogPaws Marketing and PR Manager (as well as the founder of Wigglebutt Warriors) just wrote an article titled " Secrets About BlogPaws and Pet Blogging" and it's worth stopping right now and hitting the link and reading!

Secrets About BlogPaws...

Team BlogPaws is a small group of passionate pet people that does amazing things, and their site, their reach and their influence is growing every day. They all are truly an inspiration to me, and that they put on such a fantastic conference and keep it affordable is part of what keeps me coming back every year!

And this years conference, with the addition of The Cat Writer's Association Writing Track, has Teri and us kitties even more excited! We know many more kitties are coming to the conference than ever before and we know Teri will come away knowing more about blogging, writing and even about cat behavior and needs...just from attending the 2015 BlogPaws Conference!

It's obvious that Team BlogPaws has listened to us cats, and the Cat Lounge gets better every year, as well as having more CatCentric items in the swag bags, and now with the addition of the CWA,  has Teri and Coco purring in anticipation of the conference in Nashville.

Teri made this little video of us getting settled into our room at that 2011 conference (and she says she apologizes about her comments on the swag that year...she is sure she won't say that this year!).

So, readers of our blog, if you have never attended a BlogPaws conference or are still on the fence about registering for this years conference, Teri wants you to know that because this year she is one of four 2015 BlogPaws Conference Ambassadors, she has a unique code that if you use when you register, will get you 10% off the cost! It's BP15-Amb-Teri-10.

She also wants you to know you will come away:

1) Smarter (two dozen educational sessions to choose from as well as something new--10 minute one-on-one sessions with the blogging experts of the BlogPaws Team). Here's the link to the preliminary program:

BlogPaws 2015 Conference Program

2) Happier (get your Pet Petting fix here and meet your pet friends humans, too!)

3) Energized (come away with useable ideas on how to grow your blog or non-profit organization, and how to help pets in need everywhere as well as meeting pet product sponsors of brands you know and new ones!).

4) Reelin' from the Feelin' with lots of great memories, photos and videos of your time together with friends and of course, the Red Carpet Gala gives you and your pet a reason to get gussied up and cheer on the nominees for the BlogPaws Nose-to-Nose Pet Blogger and Social Media Awards!

Here's the link to tell you more about these prestigious awards:

And here's the link to register...You know you want to!  Don't forget the code, BP15-Amb-Teri-10

I've been to BlogPaws before and I'm going again! Join me!


  1. We specially love the picture of you 3 together in the carrier. WE like each other, but even WE dont get THAT close!

  2. My human is looking forward to seeing all of you at BlogPaws... and so am I!

  3. Great ! Great ! Great ! Thank you for sharing ! Purrs


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