Saturday, July 23, 2016

Caturday Saturday on Clear The Shelters Day!

Teri says she has us four senior kitties to take care of, and that financial responsibility is about all she can handle right now...but we want to do a little something to help those kitties in need who are waiting in shelters and foster care for their forever homes!

That's where Clear the Shelters Day comes in! All around the USA, in nearly every city, shelters have joined in this adoption initiate, almost 700 of them!! We think that is news worth sharing! 

And it happens to fall on Caturday Saturday this year and we all know how many kitties end up in shelters, so we had to do our part in telling our friends about Clear the Shelters Day!

This nationwide pet adoption event is a team effort with NBCUniversal owned TV stations and last year nearly 20,000 pets left 400 shelters to start their new life in their forever homes! Animal shelters across the country come together today, July 23 for the 2nd annual Clear The Shelters event! This nationwide pet adoption event aims to connect animals in need with loving new families. More than 19,000 pets were adopted from 400 shelters during last year's #Cleartheshelters event.

If you have been thinking of adding a new pet to your family, is the day to do it! All the adoption fees are waived! You can buy lots of noms and toys for your new family member with all that money you save! Here is the link to see what shelters and rescue organizations are participating where you live!

Find a Participating Shelter

And if you can't adopt, then share this event info on your social media channels--Facebook, Twitter 'n more by using the hashtag #ClearTheShelters. Want to see what people are Tweeting about right now? Click Here!

You might remember we helped spring a kitty from a shelter last fall and that made us feel sooooo good! We helped make a difference in that kitty's life and while we couldn't adopt him, we helped find him a forever home!

And today, Teri donated some coupons for free bags of kitty food that were in the BlogPaws Swag  Bag, so some kitties will be eating something yummy real soon!  We might not be able to adopt right now, but we can help in other ways.

We hope that this years Clear The Shelters Day sets a new record and we will be watching today to hear some good news for a change! We all could use more joy in our lives, and that goes double for those pets in shelters!

"Saving the life of one animal may not change the world, but the world will surely change for that one animal"


  1. Wonderful post. Our rescue participated. We don't know the final numbers but it was pretty busy. And we agree....even if you can't adipt, there are other things people can do to help!

  2. Clear the Shelters Day is awesome! But my human was very unhappy with their funky, ancient, hard to figure out map and website! Somebody needs to upgrade it for next year.

  3. I love that photo! We didn't participate this year, but we're glad to know that lots of kitties did find wonderful homes yesterday.

  4. We sure hope Clear the Shelters Day was a huge success! And thank you and Teri for helping with those food coupons. We are positive they are a huge help! :)

  5. TBT says the dynamics of the 3 of us is all he can handle (even though we all get along "pretty well", he appreciates peace and love). But we sure hope that those with none will adopt a cat or 2 (we appreciate a friend) and those who can manage more will adopt a couple more.

  6. We hope the event was a success with more kitties being adopted.


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