Tuesday, August 2, 2016

#PetSafe Wants All Pets to Stay Hydrated...We'll Drink to That

Disclaimer:  We are happy to be a part of this product review, and we did receive a free PetSafe® Drinkwell® Avalon pet fountain to use and review, and keep. However, all of the opinions about the product are ours and not dictated in any way by the company. We only share information that we feel is useful and relevant to our readers.

Did you know that all cats originated from desert-dwelling creatures?? Because of that, we kitties don't drink enough water unless encouraged! Us kitties should drink one ounce of water for every pound of body weight each day!

There are many ways to try and increase the amount of water a cat takes in each day, one being feed all wet food, as it contains about 87% water. Another way is to leave the faucet in the kitchen sink dripping, but then we guess humans have a hard time moving us out of the way to wash the dishes, hahameow!

But we think the best (and most stylish) way is to ask your servants to buy you a PetSafe®  Drinkwell® fountain! Teri has gifted us with a couple of PetSafe® fountains over the years and we enjoyed the clean, fresh, aerated water very much!

But Teri said the older models where as much work as taking care of an aquarium, hahameow! So we were very excited when PetSafe® contacted us to see if we would like to try one of their newest styles, The Avalon!

PetSafe® has some really great products and one thing that impressed Teri (and made her smile) was PetSafe's support of the BlogPaws Conference and how many of their pet fountains they placed in the hallways at the conference in Phoenix last June!

It was hot, hot, hot in Phoenix and it is so important for both humans and pets to keep hydrated in the heat. Teri  said she didn't do too well herself! She took along little packets of electrolytes to add to her water bottle and guess how many packets she used?? ONE!  But she was happy to know the doggies were being taken care of thanks to PetSafe®

PetSafe® sponsored National Pet Hydration Awareness Month in July and we were so busy napping (and drinking from our fabulous new PetSafe® Avalon Fountain) that we forgot to tell everyone about it! 

Of course, the heat of the summer, even for us indoor-only kitties, has everyone thirsty, pets and humans alike. PetSafe® even made this cool infographic as a great visual aid in teaching humans why pet hydration is so important!

What are all the benefits of staying hydrated for pets? Well, it lowers the risk of urinary tract disease (something we almost lost Brighton to a few years ago), and it speeds recovery from illness and surgery. And it is also very important that older kitties with kidney disease stay well-hydrated too! Our senior catizen, Kely,  falls into that category now, as she is in Stage 2 Kidney Disease.

Proper hydration plays a big role in a pet's health and knowing the signs of dehydration early can save you a trip to the vet's...that's a biggie!! PetSafe® even made a video to help pet owners learn  how to check for the signs of dehydration in your cat or dog!


PetSafe® now makes 6 different styles of fountains, and we are positive there is one that will fit your pets perfectly, but we got to test the Avalon and Teri even got to pick the color! She said red would look nice in our kitchen, and that's where she set it up!

PetSafe®  Drinkwell® Avalon fountain holds 70 ounces of water and is made of dishwasher-safe ceramic and one of the things Teri likes best about it is that it's super easy to clean! The only moving part is the pump!

She also likes the way the water flows, giving us choices if we want to drink from the bowl or from the 'waterfall'...Kely likes the waterfall the best!!

Here's the link to learn more about the PetSafe®  Drinkwell® Avalon Fountain, and if you order from them directly, shipping is free, too!



  1. We have one of those Avalons! But we have such hard water - even the bottled kind - that it eventually got covered in mineral deposits. We are using a different fountain until my human can figure out the best way to get rid of them so we can go back to using it.

    1. Could you use distilled water instead of tap water in the fountain? And to get that scale off, you can use CLR.or soak it in plain vinegar

  2. We have an Avalon fountain here, and Gracie and Zoe love it!

  3. Great review ! We like that the fountain is made of ceramic and easy to clean. Purrs

  4. That looks like a really nice fountain. I had one years ago that was made of plastic, and it was a huge hassle to keep that thing clean. This looks like a much better option. I'll have to look into it!

    Jean from Welcome to the Menagerie


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