Sunday, August 28, 2016

Honoring Those Who Came Before, on Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day

Cascais, the very first cat I loved...

Not a day goes by that I don't think of the kitties I have loved, and lost... They say that grief truly never goes away, but softens with the passage of time, and that one can eventually remember those we have loved and gently smile when thinking of them...without grief and pain, but with joy at having been able to share our lives with them all.

Bo, the cat I call my Heart Cat

For me, each cat I have had the honor of sharing my life with brought with them love, and the reason I love the cats I share my life with now is because of the very first cat I ever loved...

Sweet Nanjizal Bay...lived into her Golden Years in spite of severe heart problems

I cannot imagine my life without cats beside me, and to honor the pets we have loved and who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge is the reason for this special day, the Rainbow Bridge Remembrance Day. 

Skiddy, spent her golden years with me, being loved...

The sadness we experience when losing a beloved pet, can truly be shared with others who have cared deeply for the animal companions they have had the privilege of walking through life with.

Share your remembrances of your pets who have crossed over the Rainbow Bridge by visiting the Remembrance Day event page on Facebook, and celebrate their life by posting a photo or a poem there...

Nacho, a brave boy... so deeply missed

Sammy, your loss was so recent, my heart still aches...


  1. Beautiful memories of your beloved angels, Teri. Thank you for loving them so much, and for sharing them all with us. Hugs, purrs and prayers as you remember...

  2. They really do live on forever in our hearts.

  3. Sweet kitties. They are missed when they are gone!

  4. Yes it is very hard to lose one of our fur children, but I'm so thankful to have had them in my life.

  5. Very nice tribute to all your beautiful angels.

  6. The list starts once,
    Then it grows,
    To last your life...

  7. A beautiful tribute guys! Sorry we're late commenting - blogger was being a beast last week and wouldn't let us comment anywhere :(

    Hope mew've all have a lovely week :D


    Basil & Co xox

  8. You wrote such a nice tribute to all your beautiful kitties. Thanks to the beautiful memories. Sending a big hug!


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