Thursday, September 22, 2016

Remember Me Thursday

Today is Remember Me Thursday

It is the day we should all pause a moment as give thought to the shelter pets waiting for forever homes, sometimes for years... #RememberTheRescue 

And to think of those who have been lost, never to find love again...

There is much sadness and horror in the world today, but there is also much kindness. It is the kindness that keeps us going and give us hope...

Each year, over 3.4 million pets in shelters lose their lives without ever having a second chance at happiness. And only 30% of owned pets came from shelters or rescue organizations. While we can't change the lives of all of them, we can make a difference by changing the life of even just one...

So today, if each of us would do something, anything, that would help make a difference in even one homeless pets life, then you would 'Be The Light'... And by remembering those who have been lost, we can shine a light on the ones we can save!

Remember Me Thursday was created to shine a light on homeless pets who never got the chance to find their forever home, for those pets who never left the shelters they were surrendered to. The Helen Woodward Animal Center, and Blue Buffalo have partnered to bring awareness, and all around the world, stories are being shared, and candles lit in honor of those whose lives were lost.

One of Teri's biggest commitments is to the cats she has brought into this world, and she has been there for those kitties through thick and thin, and even through some pretty tough times She did not waver in her 'Being the Light' for Kely and Bebe and Carlos and Zeuss and Al...

She knew they would find the perfect forever homes with her help, and she is just Thankful on this Thursday that they did not end up in a shelter, and that they did not become one of those millions that we are remembering today...#RememberMeThursday

GrandmaCat Kely's forever home is with us!
Get involved and become a part of this world-wide awareness movement by sharing on social media. If animal lovers unite around the world, we can make a difference!

To learn more about The Helen Woodward Animal Center and their involvement in this event, as well as Home 4 the Holidays and The International Pet Adoptathon, please click on this link HWAC

Ps: The photo in our post today was taken in our living room and just so you know...those are faux candles that have batteries to make the 'flame' flicker and glow. They are the only safe candles to have around us kitties!


  1. I hope lots of humans take today's message to heart.

  2. That was a valuable and moving post. TBT has not taken in a shelter cat, but most of The Cats Who Came Before were cats who were being given up by Beins so it was either him or a shelter. We suppose that just saved them from any shelter cage.

    It changed somewhat when TBT stopped at a small pet store being renovated and took the only kitten in the place away from all the dust and noise (Skeeter). Then a year later, took the only available kitten (LC) from there as a companion to Skeeter. That place closed soon after.

    We were rather more deliberately chosen. Even then, Ayla was unwanted by a breeder (too small to breed), Iza was equally unwanted (not "clean" colors). Well, that was because she was a Tonkinese, not a Siamese (though that was not realized at the time). Marley was being sold as an unwanted Chistmas gift.

    So, while not from shelters, we have all been unwanted in some way or other and TBT took us in. We think that is the idea...

  3. Thank you for helping spread this very important message, dear friends.

  4. Guys, what a supurr post and thank mew fur sharing. It's terrible that so many innocents are lost due to our vile throw-away society today, and as nearly all of us came from a shelter we know the importance of spreading the wurd to help others who now find themselves where we once were... may peace, love and light and new furever homes come to those that need it most.

    Basil & Co xox

  5. Thank you for sharing this very important message with us!!! Hope it will help to those who are looking for a loving home.


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