Friday, August 26, 2016

Frootbat Friday, with a Fashion Friday Style!

Brighton's Frootbats are so large, he has to fold them down to fit in his Sleepypod, hahameow!

He was in his Pod to make a trip to see the cardiologist, because he has heart disease and he is due to have a dental procedure in a couple of weeks and it's the smart thing to do to have his heart check up on before he undergoes anesthesia.

Of course, all the kitties of Curlz and Swirlz are also fashion-forward cats and Brighton is no exception! Here he is in the waiting room at the vets, looking elegant in his tuxedo by Darlene Hachey.

See, Coco isn't the only cat dresses in couture! In fact, this tuxedo was made to match a lovely gown she wore at the Paws in the City NYC Celebrity Catwalk fashion show! And she has some pretty nice Frootbats herself!

But today was Brighton's day and he attracted lots of admiring glances while at the vets, from all the staff!

We are happy to report that his heart defect is stable and he still requires no medication for it, and he has been cleared to have his dental cleaning performed! And it's comforting to know that there is also a cardiologist at the dental clinic he will be going to!


  1. I'm glad Brighton's heart check up went well - and how awesome that he made such a splash in his stylin' tuxedo and top hat!

  2. We're glad everything went well. He wears tuxedo and top hat purrfectly ! Purrs

  3. Brighton is looking very dapper in his snazzy tuxedo. Glad to hear his heart is doing well.


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