Monday, November 30, 2009

Annual Purrfurmance Review

Review of : Mewmie Teri
Date: 11/30/2009
Reviewed by: Disco, Brighton, Coco, Kiki and Sammy

1.) Quantity of Output:
Mewmie doesn't post to our blog daily. She tries to scoot by when she posts cute pix, but that doesn't cut the stinky goodness in our opinion!

2.) Quality of Output:
Mewmie does take good photos, even if it's with her old Kodak 5 megapixel camera. And the videos, OK, they are great, too (except when she catches us in compromising positions, ie: Disco's Lardiness shots). We get lots of compliments and comments on the photos, and also, when she DOES take the time to post news.

3.) Client Pawticipation:
Our fans are the best! In spite of our Mewmies poor purrfurmance with newsy posts, they keep following us and leaving nice they haven't given up on our Mewmie either!

4.) Pawticipation (Part II):
Mewmie just isn't very involved with special events, parties and contests! And she wonders why we get bored? She talks about the importance of "Environmental Stimulation" for cats, but then we rarely get to get stimulated at House Wreckings, Birthday Parties or in Contests with Purrizes! That being mewed, we have had some good times with Paw It Forward fun!

5.) Client Satisfaction:
MEDIUM, TWO PAWS (Only because there wasn't a ONE PAW rating!)
We think our furrends are sweet and tactful when they mew satisfaction for our blog. BUT, all of us are MUCHO satisfied with the blogs we follow and visit and give most everyone FOUR PAWS!

Overall rating and Comments and Suggestions for improvement: MEDIUM, TWO PAWS (OK, 2 & 1/2 PAWS)

Overall, our mewmie tries and that counts for something! She says she will do a better job when she retires, but we wonder if she will be too old then? She already has silver hair and wrinkles, so we hope she's not got cataracts by then!

She gives us a nice home, a wide array of napping spots, wonderful massages, and keeps trying to find new favorite foodies. We give her high ratings for the love and affection and care she gives us.

On the negative rating side, she needs to write mews on our blog more, and we don't get to go anywhere much, and she should let us go to more parties and festivals!


  1. Bite you tongues....NO,she will not be too old then.

  2. There isn't a one paw? My human got negative four...

  3. You are so good to your mom! At least 2 four paws! We haven't rated our mom!

  4. All in all dat is one heck of a review yoo gave yur mewmie. We agree, it would be nice to go to more parties an stuff as well. It gives a more rounded experience wif da ofur cat bloggers. Plus we get owt all dat unused energee.

  5. An excellent and well pawed review! We think your Mom does a good job, but we agree parties and trashings are fun.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  6. All my naked kids think ya do just fine! Looking forward 2 2010 postings from all of Meuw!

  7. We think that was an interesting review. When we did Jan's, we gave her a 1 paw anyway. We almost gave her a minus 4 paws in one area.

  8. Not that bad of a review! We neffur got around to doing one for our mom. Oh well, since her's probably wasn't gonna be all that great and we forgot to do it, we're gonna wipe the slate clean and start NOW! She has a year to get her act together!

  9. "high rating for love and affection and care..."
    Who would want anything else?

  10. One paw?
    Try 10 paws down. Granted, I got a little heat for my honest and thorough (some say harsh) review of Glogirly. I was just speaking my mind.

    But you know, they are only human. They'll never be as smart or as good looking as us cats. So I suppose from time to time it's okay to cut them a little slack.

    (Glogirly's cat)


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