Monday, November 2, 2009

Man Cat Monday

Hi, My name is Furrydance Tater Du, but everyone calls me Teddy. My last name is Mastillone, so I'm sort of an Italian-English cat.

I have a brother named Henry Oliver, a dog named Sophie and 2 servants named Kristynn and Thomas. I live in South Carolina.

Just to show you that mancats have their feminine side, here's a letter I wrote to my mewmie this morning...

hello mom,

This is Teddy. I have to hurry before dad finds out I'm on the remember how much trouble I got in when I opened that Ebay account.....

I though you would like to know what I've been up to while you are at work. Dad started to put away the laundry and I thought I would help him just a little.... but then I thought, "Now this is a good time for me to snoop around in the closet and see what new toys I might be able to find." So guess what I did?

When dad was busy and not looking I leaped up on to dad's shirts and made my way to the toy bag that you and dad hide all the good toys inside. I don't know why you don't let me have them all at once. Then I peeked inside and looked all around the bag and found not one but three balls stuck together!!! JACKPOT!!!!!

So I grabbed them as fast as I could and and hauled booty so dad couldn't take them from me..... I played by myself for a little bit (I found out dad can't reach me if I am under the bed in the very middle) but then I got pretty bored.....(I get lonely sometimes too) so I thought dad would want to play with me.

Sooooo, silly me, I brought the balls to dad and all the sudden I remembered I wasn't supposed to have them!!

Good news, dad is so great he let me keep one and even played fetch with me! He said he didn't want to finish the laundry anyway, but you were grumpy when you couldn't find your uniform this morning so well, he's trying to clean up a bit.... (By the way, I think I smell lasagne in the oven as I write this and I can only hope I don't end up looking like that fat as$ Garfield one day.)

So that is what I have been up to so far today. I have to go now..... I see my brother in the corner and feel like a play fight is about to happen............

love you mom


  1. hahah cute! I love the name teddy its my brothers name.But since hes alot older we call him Theo or Ted.

    Hugs to you Teddy!

  2. I am glad he played fetch with you. Cats need lots of love and attention. I am afraid I just do not get that here....

  3. Excellent ball nabbing, Teddy! I've learned that when laundry is going on there is definitely fun to be had!

    ...Ebay account, huh? hmmmmmmmm I'm going to have to look into that.


  4. What a cute love note to your mommy! Glad to hear your Daddy let you at least keep one toy! That's funny you hide under the bed in the middle, we do that too! MOL!!! Enjoy your YUMMY lasagna!!!

  5. tee hee what a delightful letter, thanx for visiting my blog and your nice words. hugs.xx

  6. Good job, Teddy. You're a smart kitty and cute, too!

  7. Sweet. Thank you for your comments about Max :-).xoxo

  8. Lasagna, did we hear an smell lasagna? Dat might efun be werth a telepurting ofur to get some of dat good stuff.

  9. Hahaha, you certainly are a Man Cat! And so very clever, too. I saw a video of a cat playing fetch recently. Adorable! And I bet you are adorable at it, too. A-hem....I mean handsome, dare I say....fetching.

    PS. Awwww, welcome home, Coco. It's nice to know you always have a home to come back to.

  10. Hello, Teddy. Tell your Mum hello for me, won't you?

  11. Hello! Furrydance Tater Du! What a cute name!

    That is interesting story about the toys!

  12. Ah what a cutie. Hope Coco adjusted to coming back.

  13. Teri; i'm at work so can't send this from home but it's a MUST SEE, there's VIDEO TOO & I'm all snorgled now...

  14. Hey Miss Teri, mum has a question for you. How much more/less do your kitties shed than regular short hair cats? Are they considered lower allergenic?

    you can email mum and me at derbycat AT wi dot rr dot com

    Purrs and thanks


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