Sunday, December 6, 2009

Simply Sunday Morning

Mewmie says she's envious of all the naptime we kitties get..

We have a maid to clean our house, our bathroom and make our beds; we have gourmet chefs going to great lengths to please our palates and we have personal hairdressers to keep us well-coiffed and we don't have to do much except purr to make our maid happy.

This sweet snuggly photo is of the Campbell cats, Pasha, Percy and Brinkley in their favorite nap spot, or maybe it ties with in front of the fire...


  1. Nappy time, my mom is so jealous. Me and Fiona keep our mom busy too, cleaning, cooking, vet visits, watching the new grand baby. I am tired just from blogging this morning. I think it's nap time. Enjoy your sunday napping.

  2. Nap time is my favorite time. You are lucky you have such a good maid to take care of all of that!

  3. They certainly look very comfortable. Our Yellow Kitty can sleep for hours when the weather gets so cold outside.

  4. Ha How cute.The write up as well.

    Have a nice new week ahead!Meow!

  5. So sweet. I want to jump in there with them :-).


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