Thursday, December 17, 2009

Coco's got "Buns in the Oven"

Mewmie bundled Madame President in the Pink PTU this morning, with a microwaved heat disc cuz it was 32 degrees outside and whisked her off to the "obstetrician" to have a pregnancy test...well, not exactly.

She went to work with mewmie, to the cat hospital where she day hunts, so the V.e.t. could squeeze her ladygarden to see if she could feel any growing mewlings in there.

Well, Teri didn't think she was pregnant because Coco didn't Pink Up (something in a ladycats hormonal system makes the nipples turn pink at 18-21 days after mating if they are pregnant).

Teri says she has 2 families waiting for new additions (they each already have one Furrydance cat and want more!)

Dr Jan could feel 2 or 3 little "grapes" in Coco's ladygarden. Mewmie kept smiling after that!

Of course, it is very hard not to "count chicks before they hatch" but it's hard not to get excited at the prospect of bebes around again. Mewmie was especially happy because she is thinking about a little girl kitten in a special CB family's future, someone we all know just lost a very special kitty...that would make mewmie smile real big to think of a Coco kitten bringing joy around again to that "Happy Place" that is pretty sad right now...

So, around the last week of January, all our CB furrends will be on baby watch with exciting is that?! And just maybe, since Coco is having a small litter, she will talk to Kiki and see if she'd like to be a mommy in 2010, too...


  1. exciting and fun. Keep us posted on the expectant mom and the babies.

  2. Congratulations, that's awesome :)

  3. Congratulations on your buns, Coco! ;)

    We know your little cuties will bring joy to a few 'mommies-to-be' and we are praying your CB friend will also be able to feel happy again with one of your little babies

  4. squeeeeee! wee ones coming! alert the media! stop the presses! we all sit with baited breathing to see the tiny pink toes & noses & adorableness that shall surely be forthcoming! WHOOT! *passes candy cigars* Loves to mewmie & Cokes!

  5. How cute.I love little kittys.I hope things go well for her.

  6. Hahah funny thing.I enlarged her pic cause my cat, who has the same colors, is sitting right here with, he wasnt real impressed but he did snif the screen ha.

  7. Congratulations, Coco! It would be awesome if one of your special babies could help heal a hurting heart.

  8. ConCats CoCo!!! That is super PAWesome news!!!

  9. A cute curlie girl that looks like her mama would be really lovely.
    Best wishes to Coco. She is a pretty girl!

  10. How kind and tender your heart is dear Teri! ALways thinking of are a special lady indeed. I pray that Coco will be well during this have kittens must be most wonderful.
    My grandbean and their big beans are wishing for a Rex kitten but not having any luck finding one in the Pacific Northwest...they may have to import one from another state but not in this cold weather. Sigh I wish we could pick one of your sure would have a good loving home with them. Oh the stuff of dreams....
    Love Misses Peach


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