Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday Caturday

This is Machu and Picchu (see Wednesdays post) snoogling together. I just got an email from their family updating me on how they are doing (we thought Macchu may have had a seizure episode recently)...

Teri ~ just wanted to drop you a line and let you know machu seems better.... personally, i think he became upset by our new blender that is obnoxiously loud and he was just overly stressed out for a spell. he was literally afraid of his shadow for a week or two and would not go under the afghan. but he seems settled back in now although he sometimes gets rattled by sounds. picchu is the opposite. for some reason they keep shutting off the water in our building. then air gets in the pipes and when you turn the water on this terrible hissing sound comes out from the air pressure instead of water. there's been a few times when picchu has had her little head under the faucet patiently waiting for water when this big explosion sound happens instead! and she just sits there totally unaffected still waiting... anyhoo, they are both really cute and sweet and i'm looking for a knitter to make them a couple of sweaters for christmas. i found some really cute patterns on the internet... of course, fear not, i would NEVER put picchu in an evening gown though i found some of those on the internet as well!!!!


  1. They are so sweet. We're sorry to hear he was scared of the blender. But, glad the norm is back.

  2. How sweet they look together! I am glad that things are getting back to normal!

  3. What sweet cats cuddling together. Our Border Collie was a rescue dog from running the streets to coming to our house and he has so many unusual fears from sound. He has been with us now for four years and he is always coming up with something new that he is frightened.


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