Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Mewmie didn't put a Christmas tree up this year (this is a tree from Christmas past) cuz she's going to be gone to Orygun for Christmas to visit her mewmie and littermates...but she said we are getting a Christmas present and it should arrive before she leaves on December 21st!

It's a surprise but we will work hard at guessing what it is...maybe you could help us out? We'll give you a hint...

It is Spring Bud Green and it's not a tree

It looks like a flying saucer, but it stays on the ground

It might not be big enough to share, but it's cozy

We got on the computer and Googled that list of hints, and guess what?

We are getting our very own Hepper Pod!

They have been on sale lately but our mewmie really wanted the Spring Bud Green one, to go with the colors in her (our) bedroom...and she was entering a Moderncat contest last night and guess what...Sale! On the green pod!

So she got out her green papers plastic money and ordered it...just for us--and for her, she said, because maybe it will mean she will have more room in her (our) bed at night--we didn't want to tell her that she is our "heating pad" at night and we probably will still want to burrow under the covers with her!


  1. I hope she enjoys Oregon! Will she get to see Cory Cat too?! Cory is in PDX! We are just up the road and my human is very jealous because she misses PDX lots.

  2. We're so jealous. We want one of those space ships. Maybe we can steal one of the biped's plastic cards and order one. You should see what we ordered last night with her cards.

  3. Holy Cats that is one spiffy hang out! very 60'sish style...hope it makes you all cozy while the mom is away

  4. I almost bought one of these earlier this month. Let me know how they respond to it.

  5. You are going to LOVE the hepper pod. I'm curious if you guys pile in there like we do. It really is a wonderful wonderful bed! It was the Lap Lady's christmas present last year.


  6. All right! We have the green one, too! But we like to flip the lining over and use the sheepskin side.

  7. Sweet!!! Mom wants to get us our own UFO too! Where'd you get it???

  8. We ordered it from our favorite window shopping place,

    It's expensive, even on sale...but it was a splurge!

    They just need to make a bigger one!


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