Saturday, January 9, 2010

Caturday Saturday

Well, our mewmie, who planned ahead before she went on vacation to Oregon, and had a photo a day while she was away, has finally taken a moment to take some photos of us today, with the warm sun shining in, the snow melting and life is good! This is a photo of our mewmie, all bundled up, smiling cuz she's on vacation in Orygun!

Everyone has been asking how President Coco's feeling now she is expecting again. She is doing just fine and according to Teri, looks rather plump for only being 5 weeks along, so she is wondering if there are more than 3 buns in the oven for Madame Coco. During her last week of pregnancy, mewmie will take Coco in to work (yes, her day hunting place is the V.E.T.'s) with her every day so she can monitor her closely and also the vet will take an xray to determine how many babies Coco is carrying. Here is a photo of Coco and her "Baby Bump"...

Teri moved a rocking chair up from the basement and put a cozy cat bed in it and right away Disco and Brighton burrowed in it and put on their most photogenic smiles for the next shot...

Disco is being very good, with no signs of spraying while mewmie was away on vacation or on anything since she got back (he's been known to spray her suitcase after a trip), and even our petsitter said the four of us seem very content and happy, too. He is still on anxiety meds (Paxil) and mewmie is happy he is behaving himself!

While Teri was taking photos of us, Kiki decided that a good rabbit kick to Teri's knee would be fun. Teri tried to catch her mid-kick, but failed...but in the next photo you can see the glee in Kiki's eyes! Funny, but our favorite kicker toys are made out of old jeans...hmmm, is that like giving a puppy an old shoe to chew on and then getting mad when it chews up your Choo's?

And since it was a pretty slow week at work, Teri took Sammy, the stud cat, in to work with her for his yearly exam and lab tests and to have his teeth cleaned, as last year the vet said they needed attention. Well, mewmie printed out his chart and realized he hadn't had a dental prophy since 2006! She was embarrassed and expected the worst as his breath was stinky.

But she didn't realize how bad things were in there, especially as he had gained 8 ounces since last year and looked good. When the vet got him under anesthesia and started probing his gums, she said she thought he might need a full mouth extraction! The vet recommended having her partner take a look at his teeth and maybe he would even need to go to the Dental Specialist! So, while he was asleep, they cleaned his teeth and extracted 2 incisors (the very small teeth in front) then let him wake up.

So the next day, she took him back in to work and using a different anesthetic protocol, since his BP got a bit low, then he tried to wake up during the procedure yesterday, the vet examined him and said that yes, almost all his teeth were affected and once was close to abscessing! But she said he didn't need to go to the specialist as she was confident that she could handle his issues.

Because he needed extractions on both the upper and lower jaw, the vet elected wisely to split it into 2 procedures, as the lower jaw is fragile and removing 2 canine (fang) teeth on the lower jaw at the same time is risky as it could fracture or be very unstable. So he had 10 teeth extracted, all of his upper incisors; his 2 right canines, and some of his pre-molars. For now, the molars look healthy.

He has a fentanyl pain patch on that lasts 5 days, will be on antibiotics for a month, when he will go back and have 1 more canine and a lower premolar extracted. Our mewmie just feels terrible that she didn't get him in sooner for his dental and that a year had passed and more since his last dental! And it just goes to show, that sometimes even a visual exam of the mouth can't show you all the problems that lie hidden under the gumline!

Fortunately, he has no stomatitis or other issues (like Fiona) so once he heals up, he will be happy and comfortable again. He will have a silly smile though, with just one Fang! And you can see in the photo below, of Sammy resting in his heated bed, that the right side of his face (where his fangs used to be) looks different than the left side.

You can see he is drooling a little still, and his eyes are a little unfocused too, from the pain meds, but he is eating and head bunting and Teri's giving him lots of kisses on the top of his head, where it isn't sore!

Thinking of Fiona, and all the mouth problems her breeder sent her off with, our mewmie told her vet that even if she decides to retire Sammy this year and stop breeding, she never would send him off to his new home without taking care of all his medical problems first--that's the only ethical and compassionate thing to do!


  1. Poor Sammy! I hate teeths! They cause nothing but problems for everybuddy.

    I am very excited about Coco's babies!

  2. Thanks for the great post. We love looking at you guys, you are so cool looking.

    Purrs, Raymond and Busby

  3. Sammy will feel much better now his teeth have been sorted out. Coco does have a big belly. We wonder how many kits the Xray will show. We are glad your Mewmie had a good holiday in Oregon.

  4. Dental stuff stinks! For everyone! We hope Sammy will be all done and comfortable very soon!

    We love all the photos! We're excited to see how many kittens Coco produces!

  5. Oh poor Sammy. I hope his little mouth is all better soon. That can't be fun. Of course now he'll probably get to eat all the yummy soft canned food! Happy Saturday ~ Jill

  6. Poor, poor Sammy,
    Once it's all over, he'll feel better and always get wet foods! We remember when Luxor had the same thing done. Do you know Lux??

  7. Your mommy is on vacation in Orygun...near me? Oh I'd love to meet her!

  8. Man that sounds like a really bad week. Poor Sammy!

  9. Oh poor thing! I hate dentals... of course I only have three teeth any more... sigh!

    Have fun in Oregon. It's quite warm there right now--or at least warmer than a lot of places!

  10. We hope Sammy heals up really quickly. Do they make a soft version of Temptations?

  11. mom brushes my teeths every night with the CET and a cute little brush.
    Sometimes I let her peek in my mouth too. Then I run away fast.
    I don't mind the gentle brushing, I just like to run really fast :-D

    all of you kitties are really cute today. Sammy, you are sooo handsome.
    Coco, you look chubby ha ha

    your mom must be happy to be back in freezing cold and windy Washington DC


  12. Mr. NoFurNo; Great job on being the truly gentlemanly mancatiest cat there was evar!

    Madame Coco; I would think they aren't call 'buns' when they are of the curly variety; I would think more 'croissant' suitable.

    Mr. Samuel; Dental problems are horrible & I'm sure you are thankful that they could be taken care of as the alternative is much less dignified.

    All my best
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  13. My sister Pandora had to have one of her canine teeth out (top right) and some of her other teeth worked on too. She was not very happy about it, but it isn't hurty anymore. Mom said she had FORLs.

    We hope Sammy is feeling better soon!

  14. What a wonderful update on all my favorites. Thanks for taking the time to do all that. Love seeing a person picture too! :-) Happy Mew Year!

  15. I don't know if I lost some teeth ( maybe not because the VET said nothing about it), mommy likes a lot this informative post, thanks for sharing!
    And Nice news, glad to know P Coco's is doing well!
    Beautiful pictures as usually!
    purrs and love

  16. I've only lost one tooth, so I really feel with Sammy. What an ordeal. At least he gets to be stud cat, hi-hi.

    Coco looks quite pregnant already. Maybe there are more than three little kittens. Four? Five? What is the world record - that would be fitting for the pres.


  17. Us kitties LOVE to head butt and bunny kick too - it's the best!!!

  18. We have to have our teefs cleaned in the Spring:( Rats!

  19. Poor Sammy, hope everything will work out fine for you. I love the wet food, I begged for it every morning.

  20. Hi sweet Coco, you are quite the little Mommy Cat, aren't you.
    She is so beautiful.
    And all the kitties look great. I just can't wait to see Mommy Coco's kittens.

  21. Coco has quite a kitten bump. Poor Sammy! I hope that all goes well with his extractions and that he doesn't hurt too much. I hate having teeth pulled.

  22. Oh Sammy! Better out than in I say for bad teef! You will feel much better once you are recovered. I'm glad you have a sensible vet who isn't cocky and tries to do global extractions all in one go too!!

    Coco is very plump for 2 babies!

    Luff from Gerry and his happy gums!

  23. Poor Sammy, but better late than nefur for him's teef problems. Mom likes to tell da boy (who don't brush enuf) dat if he ignores him's teefs, they'll just go away!

    Efurry cat is diffrint; Bonnie had her FIRST cleanin at 10 yrs old an den only cuz Mom wanted her sedated fur a thorough check-up. Her teefs was fine an fur once, she didn't bite, growl an hiss thru her exam. I needed a cleanin at 1 year.

    Coco's babies is excitin mews! Sumtimes I wish Nina an I could haf kittens...
    Purrs, Victor

  24. Poor Sammy. I hope he feels better soon. I can't wait to see Coco's babbehs!

  25. Sammy, you're still a stud. You're a beautiful boy. We hope you are feeling better.


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