Friday, January 29, 2010

Something came in the mail for us kitties!

What a nice surpurrize when mewmie walked in the house with a purresent for us! She said it was from Gracie and it was our special prize for winning the drawing for last week’s Fiona's Auction! Gracie personally picked out the gift and she even wrote us to ask us to send her a list of several of our favorite things and got her mewmie to take her to the pet store and she shopped away.

We told her we must be some of the rare CB cats that don't like Temptations, so to save all those for herself, but that we love real fur mousies and tinsel balls a lot! So we were furry excited to see what was in that package! Well, Gracie did good and got us all our favorite things and as you can see, we were very interested in each and every toy!

...and Brighton ran off with his favorite, saying Mine, Mine, he raced upstairs with his treasure!


  1. They are so curious about it all. I really am having fun getting to know this breed. We had a Himalayan cat once but all the rest have been alley cats.

  2. Y'all sure did hit the jackpot...that Gracie is special fur sure!

  3. Nice toys, something new to play with until the new kittens get a little older and you guys can play with them!!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  4. How wonderful bloggers are. Look at the time and care put into it. And the kitties were happy too. Wonderful!


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