Saturday, November 27, 2010

Caturday Saturday--Thanksgiving Edition

We hope everyone is recuperated from Feasting and Shopping and are maybe napping today, just like us! Our Teri was feasting with friends on Turkey's some photos...

Of course they are friends, they have a Furrydance kitty named Candi!

Teri didn't bring home any leftovers, but we got something special for our feast...Ham...and food! It's really better than it sounds and won't upset our tummies either! And we got another treat too!

Target had these cute 'Holiday Dinner' dog toys, but Teri thought they were just the right size for bunny kicking, so she opened them up and stuffed some nip inside and we sniffed and sniffed the 'baked potato, corn on the cob, broccoli and lobster' and think that was awful sweet of Teri to give us something extra to 'feast' on!

But, not so tasty were the Holiday 'Outfits' she got while she was at Target! It's not even December yet!

It's pretty cold outside today but sunny, so we are all seeking out sunpuddles, but decided it's warmer just having a snuggle buddy!

Teri's downstairs working on our blog for us, but she says it's kinda cold down there (maybe she should borrow one of our heating pads for her feet, hahameow). She is also cleaning out a filing cabinet (so she can file more stuff out of the to-be-filed box) and she got another pretty Autumn photo of TomTom and some (tasty) doves, too!

So, tonight Teri promised us she'd snuggle with us, while she watches 'The Queen', after she bbq's a delicious steak with pom frites, and then she'll sleep in with us on Sunday, before she attacks that basement some more, so she can let us down there again, and we can watch those doves up close and purrsonal!


  1. Glad you all had a happy thanksgiving and your mom had some great treats for you. Love the antlers!!

  2. I'd have gone for more food and less fashion myself.. but what can you do with your humans?

  3. Sounds like you all had a nice Thanksgiving - well, aside from those costumes!

  4. You two are such beautiful kittens. I think it is wonderful you get such a special diet in a jar. My yellow kitty is so old that she has to have soft food all the time. I may have to try some baby food on sale. Your outfits are adorable. You would look good in anything.

  5. Babyfudz meats are deelishus!

    Uh oh...the costumes are out...time to hide. Crumbs on the Holidays...but we do like new toys!

  6. We regret we dont know who the ginger kitty is snugglin the black kitty in the pictures, but that is a picture to save forever and ever!

    Ya should put all the kitties on the sidebar so that we know who is who...

  7. Turkey is turkey! Yum. We got chicken as we're not keen on turkey.

  8. I love those antlers!!! Sounds like you had a wonderful thanksgiving :-)

  9. I am glad that your Mom got such great goodies for Thanksgiving and you got some new toys. The costumes look cute, but I sympathize with you for having to wear them.

  10. We think all that food looks delicious! Hope that you are having a good weekend! I thinks that is a cute little reindeer!

  11. You know what? It is looking quite good down in the dungeon - er Basement.
    We are not even allowed in ours, I bet ours has bonkie bugs!
    Fifi looks soooo cute snuggling with Uncle Diskers. Brighton, you are a very patient and agreeable boy to wear those antlers. Mom likes Fifi's collar... she could sew some of those for us... aaak, did I just say that?
    Have a bonkbonk marvelous Sunday another restful Sunny Sunday

  12. We have been hearing rumours bout # picking up some Christmas stuff when she was in the States, but only for Tommy and Bibi. PHEW!!!

    Tama-Chan and Sei-Chan

  13. You have the best mommy! All of you look so adorable. Mommy made me wear a Santa hat a few days ago! Can you believe her NERVE?
    All of you FurryDance babies look so beautifully soft and well groomed.
    Mommy said she has a secret place in her heart for Rex kitties. Kiki looks soooo cute snuggling.

  14. Hi Everyone! We haven't been by in a while and wanted to stop by! It looks like you had a great Thanksgiving over there!! Please pass on our hello's to everyone!!

  15. Love, love, love the pictures.

    Sounds like Thanksgiving was delightful.

  16. Looks like you all had a great Thanksgiving! Love all the cat photos,and the doves! xoxo

  17. It looks all so yummie :-)
    Lovely shots .....

    Thanks for your sweet, lovely and touching words on my blog !!!!
    We are feeling the same
    we both lost our love :(
    Send you hugs


    HUgs cuddle to all
    from Kareltje =^.^=


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