Saturday, November 20, 2010

Caturday Saturday

A couple of cute pix of Spike & Soc (fka Spot and Dot)

A Disco weekly weigh in report and Nulo diet update:

Disco is under 15# now (just barely...14# 15 oz) and while Teri skipped a couple of exercise sessions...the battle of the bulge will go on til he's down to 12#...good thing the holidays aren't a problem for cats and their diets, hahameow!

Part of the benefit for completing the Nulo 'Fight Against Obesity' campaign is that Nulo will donate $250 to the pet related non-profit of each of the participants choosing. That was hard to pick only one, but two that have a special place in Teri's heart are:
Tabby's Place in Ringoes, NJ


Blind Cat Rescue and Sanctuary in St Pauls, NC

Both places are actually close enough for Teri to visit and she has plans if she stays in this area when she retires, to volunteer there from time to time. Blind Cat Sanctuary has been getting a lot of publicity and donations through The Animal Rescue site's $100,000 Holiday Shelter Challenge (they are in third place).

Tabby's Place, who Teri found out about via the CB and this blog we follow, A Few Good Cats, is a fabulous place, that does everything from to adoptions to hospitalizing to hospice care and who's facility is so cat friendly they have been shown on TV and in magazines, is also featured on The Animal Rescue site, but they are way down at 401st place and the voting ends on December 12th.

So, Teri decided to give the Nulo donation to them, and it will help all the kitties there, including Bellis, a blind kitty that Teri has her eye on to maybe be able to give a furrever home to once she stops breeding Cornish Rex next year and she can keep Sammy company...

here's a link to Bellis' story:

As soon as she finishes helping us with this post, our Teri is gonna start bustin' butt cleaning the upstairs today with hopes of working on our birdy viewing area tomorrow! She promises all the birds won't be gone by the time we get to go down there again!

She saw both TomTom and Mama Katz yesterday, but they still won't go in their little shelter--she is going to take the bedding out and put the food in there and see if they will become comfortable with getting inside of it. They are both fat and sassy so they must have shelter and food elsewhere, too, but still she worries with winter coming on...she never sees Mama Katz in the daytime, so we don't have as many purrty pix of her like we do of TomTom, but Teri will keep trying to snap some more photos of her and maybe catch her in the daytime one day so she won't have laser eyes!

And we couldn't end this post without saying Fare Well to Inigo...such sad news to know he is gone now after such a brave battle with HCM. We will hold his memory close to our hearts as we know so very personally how HCM can take away a beloved kitty, and know the sadness and empty place in the heart that loss leaves behind forever...Fly free, handsome Inigo..

and to Miss Patches, who fought the tough fight with AID. Her family was their with her when she went peacefully into the light. Hearts are broken now that all but memories remain...may they comfort and heal...


  1. Cute phtos.The second one oh my its hilarious LOL.

    I just read up on HCM.I never heard about that before.I have 2 cats,nice info to have.Poor kitties that died from it.

    Have a nice weekend Teri!

  2. LOVE the photos of Spike & Socrates. LOVE their names!!!

    Mr. D is positively svelte & I for one am ready to be his 'Dancin' machine! partner' . MeeeeOOWWWW!

    Bellis, I'm so surprised she hasn't found a home yet. That Woman said if we were there we'd have gotz her in a heartbeat!!! What a giant heart to survive and stay loving to humans. *better than I would do!*

    Love & peace to those who've gone home to Bast.

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  3. That's so good of you to donate to Tabby's Place, and to make sure TomTom and Mama Katz have some food and shelter available.

  4. Dosco is actually got a figure! Godd for him, I bet he feels like a kitten again.

    I was rooting so hard for Inigo, it was a shock to hear he was failing.

  5. Those are gorgeous photos of the two kitties. We can see a difference now in Disco in the 'from above' photo. Keep up the good work Disco, it is all for a wonderful cause. Bella looks such a sweet kitty. She deserves her own Forever Home.
    We also were very sad when we heard about Inigo and Patches.

  6. That is so very sweet, y'all are so wonderful! Yes, I was so sad about Inigo and Patches.

  7. We liked the pictures of Spot and Dot. We are sad about Inago an Patches. We have visite their blogs an left purrs.

  8. It broke my heart about Inigo and Patches.

    Your photos are precious and Disco..if you fall off the wagon..I have Party Mix!

    To give that donation to those precious cats just makes me happy myself. Thank you for being you.

  9. Hi Missie SwirlieTeri.
    we are so sad about the kitties that had to go to the bridge. So sad it makes our hearts hurt.

    Spottie and Dottie, or Soc and Spike (those names remind me of two criminals or something) are the cutest girlies ever. I showed the pictures to daddy and he thought they were gorgeous!

    Keep going Uncle Disckers
    Have a wonderful Sunday lovely Swirly friends and bonkbonk

  10. Wonderful photos! So sorry to hear about Inigo and Patches.Bellis made me cry.
    Way to go Disco! Kisses. xoxo


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