Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Disco...Worth his Weight in Gold?

Down another ounce, and just for he is at the beginning of his diet:

I know, it doesn't look like much difference but it's half a pound and as an example, it would be like if I lost 4's a start, but I wouldn't rush out and buy a smaller size jean just yet, hahameow!

Disco is kinda like a caterpillar, in that he can 'scrunch up' and stretch out, and just like when someone takes a picture of me and says 'Suck it in', here are two photos of looking quite slim (and it's not Photo Shopped, either)

We aren't disappointed that we are at the end of this 90 day campaign and didn't end up 'The Biggest Loser' because: 1) We have found the food we all want to eat and that is good for us, too and 2) We have done something in spreading the word about pet obesity by our participation in the Nulo Fight Pet Obesity Campaign! And we are waiting anxiously to see who the dawggie or kittie will be that is 'The Biggest Loser'!!

We really like having Nulo delivered right to our door (actually, it comes to where our Teri works so it's not left out on the porch for someone to nab!) and Teri says it keeps her out of the 'Pet Department Stores' which also saves her some green papers! And fresh! She says it's almost like she made it herself, hahameow!

And our Teri will continue work on getting Disco down to his goal of 12# and will post on his progress (yep, no doubt there---we will succeed!). And really monitoring Disco during this program revealed to her that Disco's weight had kind of turned him into a 'Pet Rock' and she is happy to see him 'feeling frisky' again!

It's been a fun and rewarding experience and even though our Teri knows lots about cats, she said even she learned some new info being involved with
Nulo and that helps make her a better pawrent and a better vet tech, too!

Nulo is where nutrition meets love. As an advocate for better nutrition, health and wellness for dogs and cats, Austin-based Nulo aims to improve a pet's lifestyle through grassroots education and a new way of care and feeding.


  1. Excellent work Disco :-) Don't get discouraged, losing weight is a long slow process for all of us - LOL!

  2. Good going Disco. Love that "sucking it in" pic!!

  3. Great work Disco!! Losing weight is tough, but you are doing it! Sending slimming purrs to you today.

  4. Great news about Disco. Will check out the Nulo food. Thanks for all your post visits for my blogs. I try to keep the info one current.

  5. what's that saying... it took you so much time to put it on, and that is how long it will take to get it off So, don't give up Unckle Diskers!!

    bonks from Me and Miles too

  6. Disco, you are so good to yourself and mama! Concatulations sweet one. Auntie Carole is proud of you.

  7. We also eat Nulo and our mom really likes the smaller "presents" it leaves behind too! Go protein!

  8. Very good Disco!!!!! Congratulations beautiful cat!

  9. Great job Disco! We think we found the weight you lost!

  10. Good work, Disco! Take it slow and steady and you will keep off the weight you lose! (At least that is what my human says.)


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