Sunday, January 30, 2011

Another Simply Sunday Morning...

Here it is Sunday evening already and even after trying to catch up with visiting our bloggy friends, we are only to the 'D's'. Teri says she'll never catch up. She tries, but as you can tell, she hasn't even undecorated from Christmas yet! (And Disco is still stuck at 15# but he got up on the tree, hahameow!)

We haven't posted in a week, and part of the reason was Teri was kinda worried about Tom Tom. After she brought him home from his neutering on Monday (he was also deflea'd with Frontline Plus and given an injection for ear mites and ear tipped, too), she wanted to keep him in the trap overnight but he was fretting to get out and had peed on the bathmat in the trap and she thought he might be warmer hunkered down where ever he usually spends the night, so she let him out.

He took off at a run around the corner and out of sight...and he stayed out of sight until Thursday! Our vet said he was more than likely just hunkered down as a feral would do if he was 'injured' but no kitty came and ate the food in the shelter until Wednesday and Teri wasn't sure who had the snack then either. And we had snow on Tuesday and it's been cold since then, too and she hated to think about him hungry and cold.He did weigh in at 14# when he was neutered, so he did have quite a bit to fall back on if he didn't eat for a day or two, but any longer than that and it's not good for a kitty as they can develop liver disease.

But she has seen him every day since Thursday and he looks good, if a little thinner. Here's a photo she took of him yesterday...

Teri worked on Friday as the cat hospital was short staffed, so she missed sleeping in with us that morning , so we had to entertain ourselves with one of Stacy Hurt's special catnip birdies (we've hidden the other one to eat later, hahameow!) But later, Teri came home and took a nap with us at night, before her long in-the-dark nap.

And it's been sunny and we have been soaking up the winter rays, as well as burrowing under our cat beds, too. Teri even turns one upside down so we get real cozy under it since it's on a heat pad, kinda like an Igloo!

The snow has turned into ice and it's pretty crusty outside. So Teri's been spreading birdseed around on the frozen snow for the birdies to eat.

All seemed calm and bright until this morning, when Coco jumped up on the bathroom sink and Teri noticed a tiny blob of bloody discharge on her vulva. She could still feel the babies kicking, and Coco was acting fine but Teri got worried. Coco still has 7-10 days to go before her 'due date' and if the kittens came now, they wouldn't survive.

She had already set up the kittening tent in the bedroom so she got Coco all settled in there and just stuck close to her for a while and she didn't see any more most of the rest of the day she and Coco have been snuggling on the bed while she works on our blog and visits our bloggy friends.

A couple came to visit us for the first time (they are waiting for one of Coco's kittens). They seemed very nice, but they have 6 kitties (2 Cornish Rex) and Teri would like to visit their home and meet their kitties to help her decide if they would make a good home for one of our kitties. Teri let them and the other 4 people waiting for babies know that Coco is showing some signs that make Teri anxious but that she will keep everyone updated as the days pass.

Can you all keep Coco and her babies in your thoughts and purr some soothing, healing purrs for her...we believe in the Power of the Purr. There are a lot of kitties out there we are purrin for, KC and Annie and Au and MoMo and Georgie and Bubbles...Rumbly and Soft and Drooly Purrs (some of us drool when we purr real hard) to all of them from all of us!


  1. I'm glad Tom Tom finally showed up, but I had a feeling he would bolt and disappear for a few days the first chance he had to get back outside.

    Paws crossed that everything is going well with Coco's kittens... am purring for them...

  2. We are so relieved to know that Tom Tom showed up again! We are going to purr really hard for Coco now. I'll even sing a sock song in her honor!

  3. Well, at least Tom Tom will be happier eventually.

    Purrs for Coco and the kits!

    Um, tell us that really isnt one of you layin on the snow near the birdies! That is just too weerd!

  4. BIG purrs from alla us for Coco and her kittens.

    We're glad TomTom is coming back around. He may even tame a little once his hormones settle down.

  5. We hope Tom Tom ends up being ok. We will be purring for Coco and her babies for sure. We also wanted to tell you that we awarded you the "Stylish Blogger Award" because you folks rock the word "stylish". You can visit us for details.
    PS: We like your "igloo", cool idea!

  6. Thank goodness TomTom is doing well.

    Love & calm to beloved Coco.

    Oh Mr. D; so mighty & strong! *sigh* makes my heart flutter!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  7. We're sending purrs for Coco, Tom Tom & all the sickly kitties.

  8. Thanks for the purrs; it's a regular epidemic, isn't it?

    We love your igloo pic best: such a covert kitty!

  9. Awwww yay for Tom Tom!! Thank you so much for looking out for this beauty!!!

    Awww me and Charlie are purring to the max for sweet Coco!!! Awww she's looking very good and very pregnant!! Purrs, purrs, purrs to her!!

    And purrs and hugs to all our furfriends who are sick too!!!! We hope everyone gets better!! Hang on in there you sweeties!! Take care

  10. oh my. :(( i hope that Coco and her kittens will be ok. i'll be thinking of them! Tom Tom too!

    if you'd like me to try making a header for your blog, feel free to email me at nighstar @ gmail . com (no spaces) when you get a chance. if you have something in particular in mind or particular photos that you'd like used, that'd be cool. :)

  11. We're sending our loudest purrs to Coco, crossing our paws that she and the babies will be just fine.

    And we're hoping Tom Tom will continue to come to eat and regain any weight he's lost.

  12. We are purring for Coco and her babies.
    We are glad TomTom turned up again.

  13. We are glad you caught Tom Tom and that he is back to hanging around the house.

    Purrs to Coco and the kittens.

  14. I'm glad Tom seems okay and my sisters and I will sure be purring for Coco and the babies.

  15. that cat birdfeeder is a hoot.. i love it... hope your fur baby shows up. mine is afraid of the outdoors... she gives new meaning to 'scaredy cat'

  16. good that Tom Tom showed up !!! yay !

    we are sending purrs for Cocos kittens that everything is fine.

  17. Thank goodness Tom Tom appeared again so you know he is ok.
    We're sorry to hear about Coco and are purraying that she can hang on to her kittens for a little longer.
    Take care Teri - luv Hannah & Lucy xx xx


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