Saturday, January 8, 2011

Caturday Saturday!

Well...did ya miss us? Our Teri has been busy helping Gracie out with Brighton's Yule Tide Auction and we haven't been able to visit any of our furriends cuz she's been on the computer workin! We have visited a few of you, to thank you for supporting the auction, but we have on our to-do list to do something a little fun and special for each of you...

Gracie said Teri helped her so much that she wants her to write out 'instructions' to assist future 'cats-in-need' when they have an auction! Gracie said Teri was so organized and right on top of things, and that she got lots fewer emails with questions this auction. Teri got right on that...Pawing it Forward so to speak.

We are actually still getting donations, even though the auction is over! Gracie said Brighton's Auction was the most successful one and brought in more green papers than any she can remember. We here at Curlz and Swirlz are on Cloud 9, and feel like we've all been rolling in the Nip, we are so high with happiness!

We all had a very special Christmas because of you who came to Brighton's aid! It was fun to have the house decorated for the holidays again and listen to Christmas Music (Teri, did you hide that Meowy Christmas CD?). Even our petsitter said they all had fun while watching us over New Years weekend, looking all around the house and finding all the decorations Teri put out everywhere!

She and Brighton had fun visiting friends in North Carolina over the New Years weekend--you know, Percy and Brinkley's house with that lovely fireplace, screened in porch and super cat tree!

She also is happy to report that having just Brighton with her on this trip gave her a chance to monitor his urinations easily and he made 2-3 big clumps every day and that is good news, as the vet said his urine is still too concentrated and that makes for crystal formation sometimes and shows he isn't peeing often enough sometimes.

Here's some pix of Brighton and Teri enjoying their holiday:

Ahhhh, Roast Beef for our New Years Eve Dinner!

And a lovingly prepared breakfast!

Brighton looking stylish in 'his' guest bedroom...

Brinkley attending the Rose Parade!

Teri watchin' Brinkley in the Parade, hahameow!

Teri and Brighton in front of the envied fireplace!

Percy in a sunbeam... he is not as 'angelic' as he looks!

Pasha, thinking that a taste of Roast Beef might be nice!

We all got new collars and name tags for Christmas, too! Even though we are microchipped, Teri says it's still a good idea to have a collar and tag so if we get out accidentally or there is a catastrophe like a hurricane or flood, that whoever finds us can call Teri instead of having to try and get to a vet's or shelter to have us scanned. That is what she tells all the people who have Furrydance cats, too. Here we are, sporting our new Beastie Bands and Red Dingo tags--hubba hubba!

But we never had collars or tags before! Teri said this is part stopping have us be 'Just Pets' and not have to worry if the collars rub our furs off round our necks cuz we won't be going to cat shows now, except just for fun, to be 'Ambassador' cats.

The CFA Ambassador Cat program is set up to engage spectators with the various breeds of pedigreed cats. This gives spectators the opportunity to interact with the show cats - feel the coat of a Persian, the waves on a Cornish Rex, or the suede-like body of a Sphynx. Find out for yourself what the boning of the Maine Coon, or body of the Oriental, actually feels like.

Most of the time, at cat shows, people are busy showing their cats, don't want you touching them, and are sometimes even downright unfriendly. But the exhibitors who join the Ambassador Program are the ones who are social and friendly and know that their kitties are there to be petted and handled, and they bring the cats that also enjoy it, too. Look for the CFA Ambassador Cats at the next CFA cat show you visit!

Oh, the other big news we have to shares....Coco is pregnant! The vet said she can feel 3 or maybe 4 little ones, and this will be Furrydance's very last litter, and we already have 4 people waiting for babies! They all have had Cornish Rex before and either want to add another one to their family, or they lost a special kitty and their home is just not the same without the companionship and love of a CRex in their lives.

Teri once again is promising us she is going to work on the basement tomorrow as she wants to get that 'albatross' from around her neck and be able to enjoy the space (and have us enjoy it again, too). Coco ran down there recently and Teri thinks she saw a flea on her when she picked her up and if that is the case...she does need to clean up down there!

We are all on Revolution but she will need to get those fleas deaded in the basement. She knows insecticides can be bad, but she has used Vet Kem Siphotrol Plus House Treatment in the past safely, and she ordered that already! There have been lots of raccoons around outside now we are feeding the ferals, TomTom and Mama Katz, so Teri could have brought in a flea or two on her socks when she went out in the can happen! She has set up the trap again, all covered and with a bathmat inside, in hopes of trapping Tom Tom soon!

She saw him yesterday and he had oil on his head and back--a sure sign he has been trying to keep warm under cars!! Dangerous and sad--but so far neither he nor Mama Katz want to use the shelters Teri made for them, even with the heating pad inside! It snowed today and has been cold, and she would feel a lot better knowing they were safe and warm.

Disco put on a few ounces (ummm, 6...) in the last couple of weeks and Teri still isn't keeping to her promise of getting him to exercise every day, or even once a week! Bad Teri! But he is still under 15# and that's good. He is looking much more fit and not so flabby!

And little Fifi? She is doing great in her new home, lots of hallway races and laptime there! I'll post some photos soon as I figure out how to download them...


  1. Wow! That sounds like great news all the way around!

  2. Looks like you all had a very nice holiday. Thanks for all you do to helps our friends. You are very kind!

    We loves the angelic picture of Percy! Awesome shot!

  3. Concats to Coco. We are glad the auction was a success.

  4. Hello there beautiful Brighton!! Me and Charlie thought we'd pop by and say a big hello to you and Coco, Kiki, Sammy, Disco Nofurno and lovely Teri!!

    Congratulations with your fab auction!! And YAY for gorgeous Coco's happy news!!

    We hope you have a great Saturday! Good luck getting rid of the fleas and thank you so much for looking after the ferals Tom tom and Mama Katz! Raccoons are pretty cute too!

    Take care

  5. Congrats on a great auction! And congrats about Coco too! Sending prayers for the out door kitties you are so kind to help. Happy new Year and many more! xoxo

  6. Theese is an excellent update, congrats on Brighton's auction being so successful and glad he is doing well! Theese new collars are pretty spiffy!

  7. We love your new collars!! Very nice!! And congrats to Coco!!

    We're glad to hear the auction for Brighton was so successful!!

  8. glad to hear Brighton and Teri enjoyed their holiday. :) all of your new collars and tags look lovely. i also keep a collar and tag on Fae even though she's microchipped just in case she gets out. sometimes she doesnt like it though, so i give her a break.

    i hope Disco can get back on track with his weight loss! goodluck!

  9. Getting warm under cars can be extremely dangerous but old habits die hard.

  10. We had to read that twice to make sure we'd read it all - what lovely news about Coco expecting more babies.
    We are so pleased you auctions went well and helped with all those vet fees.
    We hope you manage to catch those feral kitties - but at least they have somewhere dry to shelter and food and water if they don't feel safe inside!

  11. duh......umm....the words 'boning of a Maine Coon cat' are not exactly reassuring. I'm sure you mean something other than culinary......

  12. We are chipped but we also have collars too. Makes us feel safer.

    Not like we are in much danger. I (za only go sit out on the deck in the g=big fenced back yard and Ayla isn't allowed out.

    But better safe than sorry.

  13. We are very glad the auction went well and you all had a great Christmas and New Year!! I loved hearing about the CFA Ambassador program - what a great idea.

  14. I am still trying to capture my feral cat. She just won't go into a closed container, the crate even when there is delicious can cat food in there. She stays warm in the neighbors garage and gets three or four good meals from me every day. She lets us brush our hands on her but she is oh so wild. She is a fat cat though.


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