Sunday, January 23, 2011

Simply Sunday Morning...Afternoon...Evening

Oh, the weatherperson was way off this weekend and we are happy to say we have been soaking up the sun and Teri even took a nap with us this afternoon, so we shared our 'sunpuddle' with her, hahameow!

Oh, Stella...this is where your woman & Disco will be canoodling come Cherry Blossom time!

We are grateful for sun, not snow!

And after a sun bath? Time for a little grooming--if you biggify this photo, you'll see Coco even attends to the very tip of her tail, while holding it with her paw, keeping her marcels in place!

A while back, we won a contest over at Paws and Effect, the very informative and helpful cat blog we follow. It took some time an finding just the right spot for our set of four Catty Stacks to entice us! We ignored them in the bedroom; only sniffed them in the living room; but when Teri put them in the kitchen right next to our resting perch where we can soak up the rays...we decided they were fun and a nice place to lay in the sun or curl up inside.

The other big news of the weekend is about TomTom, the feral mancat Teri has been trying to capture since last April! Here's a photo of him inside the 'feeding station' taken from inside the house through the screen door.

And here he is, sitting outside the trap, after being inside eating the food Teri has been putting in there. At first, he would only stick his head inside just long enough to grab a mouthful of kibble. Then she kept moving the dish further inside, till he went all the way in and ate his fill.

But the weather has been very cold, with ice last week and there are only a couple of available days each week where Teri can take him in to work with her to be neutered...

But this morning...Success! Teri saw him in the feeding station and went outside and set the trap, and he went in the trap to eat and the door shut behind him! He banged up his nose a bit trying to escape but Teri moved the trap and set it over the heating pad that was in the feeding station, surrounded it with an old shower curtain and old bath mats to protect him from the wind.

She even managed to squirt some Advantage on his ears (hope that works as there is no fur there...she never could have gotten it on the skin of his neck!) since he is probably covered in fleas, just like Mama Katz was when Teri trapped her this spring--yay for her getting spayed and not having to raise any more babies!.

Teri has finally boxed up most of the auction prizes and will start mailing them out tomorrow! Sorry for the delay, but hope each and every one of you enjoys your prize and knowing that you helped Brighton out, too! He insisted on including a little Nip and some of his favorite toy, Tinsel PomPoms. And a Pawtographed photo , too! If you would like to remember how you helped Brighton, please take this badge we made to say Thank You to all of you who supported his Yule Tide FunRaiser!


  1. Yayy for trapping TomTom. He has the typical big tomcat face.
    We are glad you had sun instead of snow today. We have had a little bit of sun today, not much but no rain.
    Coco is very thorough with her tail. I hold mine too. Eric likes mum to hold his for him when he washes it.

  2. I must say I am going to be jealous of That Woman snorgling MY MANCAT but she has agreed to leave an article of clothing for him to get all 'scented up' and then she'll bring it home hermetically sealed in a zippy bag and open it for me special so I can have my nose/mouth full of his heady 'oh-la-la' fragrance! Forget about the 'Old Spice Man' HA! SHE of course is nearly unfit to live with now that she can see all the cats on the bed can't hardly wait to come meet them all. I suppose I'll have to try and sell of scrappy so I can get enuf foodz to eat while she gone! sheesh! This is going to be a long few months of anticipation.

    BTW: The Gurl is overjoyed to be coming too and is very excited to take lots of photos of the new kit!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  3. That is just great that you caught TomTom. It took me two years to catch our Momma kitty. But I used to do the same thing to the first cats that arrived here.
    That is too cute how Coco cleans the end of her tail. Great picture.

  4. HOORAY for trapping TomTom. I know he is frightened but he will be so much better off.

  5. I am glad that TomTom got trapped! We are hoping for some sun someday...

  6. Now that's cheery news: Tomtom starting for a new life and sunshine.

  7. Paws up for your sunny weekend AND for trapping TomTom! Getting him in that trap was quite an extended project! I am glad he is safe and warm and ready to be neutered.

  8. Happy dancing all around here because TomTom has been captured! Yay! He can be neutered now. Yay!

    Nigel says to tell him that getting trapped was the best thing that ever happened to him.

    Purrs, Cory

  9. Awwww lovely Tom Tom!! Thank you so much for looking out for this adorable sweetie - yay!!!

    And Coco, Stella and all you other gorgeos kitties are just precious - enjoy the warm weather!!!!! Take care

  10. Great news, I know it's hard on the ferals when they are trapped but it's so good that they can no longer reproduce. I trapped 15 cats in my yard over the past 3 years and now I feel the colony is under control.
    Yeah for TomTom

  11. yeah for TomTom, I know it is scary for the ferals to be trapped but they will be much happier in the future and you help control the colony, you may find he just decides to live in your yard from now on. My 3 ferals have been with me for 3 years now, they have shelter and food so they seem happy.

  12. Hurrah for Teri nabbing TomTom...soon he'll be TimTim and maybe he'll be less skittish!

  13. Love the pictures.

    And YAY for TomTom. Oh, how this warms my heart. Thank you for your diligent efforts that have now paid off, for TomTom and the (NOT) future litters.

  14. Yeah for catching TomTom. Mom is making a list of her next "victims" as soon as the white cold stuff is gone and the weather isn't so darned freezing all the time.

  15. WONDERFUL photos!!! and So happy you got Tom Tom! Yay for you and him! xoxo

  16. we just found this. Happy Snappy Sunday
    Mom has been busy with her sewing machine and not letting us visit blogs, hmmmff!

    We love these pictures! all of you look so sweet and wonderful, yay!!
    What a sweet happy bunch, and Miles is pawing at the pic of mommy Coco.

    Yippie Skippie for TomTom! He will be a much happier kittyboy. You have taken so many careful steps to protect him. We hope his family (where ever they are) appreciate this care. Too bad he can't stay inside where it is safe

    bonks and love

  17. let us all knows how it goes wif TomTom.

  18. Thank you very much Teri
    for your GREAT tips about kitty food
    I didn't know that
    really thank you :-)

    Your cats living in a wonderful place
    love your lines and cute shots !!


    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

    Anya ♥

  19. Your kitties are adorable. Love Disco Nofurno's name! That's great you are helping TomTom.

  20. OH! We are so glad yer Mom finally captured TomTom so he can get good medical treatment (and mebbe a Forever Home eventually! YAY!

  21. You are a good momma to TomTom and EVERY cat.

    I got the cay angel yesterday and she is beautiful, truly, I love her. Admiral is grateful for the sparkle balls and nip too, MOL.

  22. So glad you got TomTom - thanks for doing that. And thanks for the info on the dental products I wrote about.

  23. Those are some terrific pictures! I'm glad you were able to get that Tom Tom fur sure. Hey, those Catty Stacks things sure look cool!

  24. Oh, wow, congratulations on finding the perfect spot for the great Catty Stacks and for catching TomTom! So it's true. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. :)

    Oooooh! I love that -- a sunpuddle! Look at all that golden, warm light. I want to curl up and sleep in it, too!

  25. TomTom is huge!!!!
    A big hooray that he is now ahem, arrhem, "fixed"!!

    Thanks for your wonderful comments on my blog! It means a lot to me especially during my unwell days, it makes me smile.

    Do feel free to share "loving kindness"!!!


  26. Woo Hoo!!!!
    Catty Stacks look like lots of fun to play hide-n-seek and relaxation!
    Y'all looking great on the "best'est"
    spot - the 'hooman bed'!!

  27. We are so proud of you for catching TomTom! Such patience that took!!

    Happy Sunday,
    ~ Miss Emily

  28. Hi

    Thanks for your thoughts on Georgie. He's got nutritional secondary hyperparathyroidism and is going to be fine after a month or two on proper kitten food and tlc.

    Cliff & Olvia

  29. i dont know how i missed this post of yours...was wondering, is tom tom a full feral or do you think there is hope for praying after oscar the stray is vetted i can try clomicalm, feliway, and alot of hands on but i am doubtful...took me 5 years just to trap him he is wild as hell


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