Friday, August 12, 2011

Feline Fine Friday!

Lots of mews, since we missed out on blogging last weekend...

Our blog went wonky and Teri wasted a bunch of time trying to fix it...and did. Then she thought it was time for a new template and well, she wonked it up again!

Of course, since we don't have thumbs, we wouldn't have fared any better, but at least we have intelligence and woulda made a backup. Our friend Carol, from Coffee, Cats 'n Yarn is going to try and help us out and fix Teri's mistake...

It's weird, and not as bad as Teri thought last nite, all is not lost...just missing, hahameow! We like the new curly swirly background too and have some ideas for a header eventually. We are happy with the fonts, colors of the text, borders around the photos etc, but need to liven up the header!!

You will see, when you go to our blog, to the 'main page' without going to a single post, all the stuff that should be on the left margin is blank.

But if you click on any single post, it is all there.

We can go into 'Design' and add or move around things just fine. Anyway, if any of you out there have any suggestions, let us know...but at least you can still visit, right?! And talking about visiting, we are going to try and fit some of that in this weekend, too!

We are ramping up for BlogPaws, workin' on filling Swag Bags (well, Teri is cuz we'd 'damage' the goods and are kept out of the basement when she's sorting goodies). Teri's going to make some cat nip toys to add to the bags, using homegrown (well, grown at The Cat Hospital) and leftover polar fleece from when there were kitten blankies to make...

Since Coco is attending this time, she got a new Cloak and Dawwgie Mesh Harness in Pink, to coordinate with Brighton's blue one and Disco's red one.

We really like these harnesses as they are soft and flexible and the mesh is cool and light. We can use them when we stroll around at Blog Paws...

Coco also got a couple of new 'accessories' (not like she doesn't already have a trunk of outfits!) and we all think we will have a few 'costume changes' each day while at Blog Paws...

Disco has his Rock Star tank top, his beefcake red S (Sphynx) muscle shirt, a 'Miami Vice' vintage print shirt, and his Formal Tux Tie (like a Chippendale man, hahameow).

Brighton has a Hawaiian shirt, a Body glove tank, and a tie with a fishy on it...

Coco might be showing off both formal and casual know ladies, they never can make up their minds! But her new red beret and jeweled headband will be in her suitcase...

The birdies and squirrels have been busy entertaining us, as you can see by these photos.

And for some live action Cat TV, check out this video!

And TomTom really needs a good brushing (he has clumps of fur kinda like those Husky dogs get when they are shedding out), but he'd never permit that...

He runs under the neighbors fence when Teri goes out to feed him, which makes her laff 'n laff cuz he thinks he's hidden...

Another thing we have been up to this week is testing out the new Smart Scoop Automatic Litter box! Carolyn, over at The Happy Litterbox asked us if we would like to test one out and we said certainly!

We have 4 boxes out in the house, 2 on each floor and just replaced one of them with the Smart Scoop. We will have a review and a video for your viewing pleasure on Sunday!

Oh, Teri's date was worth repeating, she said! They had good noms and talked a lot. He likes to cook, makes his own wine, has a doggie, and a motorcycle, too. At the end of the evening, they both said they'd like to get together again. He liked Teri's 'family' stickers on the back of her car and said he wanted to get ones with a dog and a motorcycle...sweet, huh?!


  1. How very cool that you get to test things out and go to BlogPaws! Woo Hoo!

  2. How did u train your kitties to go outside? Mine hates her harness and is definitely a scaredy cat!.

  3. Your blog is lovely!!! Yay!!

    Me and Charlie are most impressed by all the swag bags!! We hope you have a most amazing time at BlogPaws! Take care

  4. Mom can't wait to meet you at BlogPaws. Too bad I have to stay home instead of hanging out with a bunch of cool cats!

  5. Wonky blog apart it's looking good! We love your Blog Paws stuff...

    I've got a piece in The Star, the Malaysian newspaper today that's a Living In Malaysia story like my blog. You can read it for free at

  6. I like the new background a lot! I think the fix to your problem is pretty easy - of course, my human is not a techie, but she seems to think so! I bet someone who knows their way around blogs and php could fix it in a flash.

  7. Gee, you've sure got a lot happening! You must have gotten your blog fixed because it looks great! Happy weekend everyone!!!

  8. Well done with the blog! I've got to look into doing something with my blog design too.

    I like what you did to the back of your car too. :)

  9. Wowo, looks like you've been busy.

  10. Theese look like great goodie (swag)bags! Too bad I won't be able to meet the kitties and see all their stylin' outfits, they sound fab! Glad you had a nice date. Your blog looks like everything is fixed now.

  11. i hope you all have an awesome time at BlogPaws! i'm sure you guys will be getting a lot of attention because you're so awesome and your wardrobe will only add to it!

    glad to hear things went well on the date. ;)


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