Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Help! Mewston, we have a problem...

Hey! We just noticed that our blog doesn't look like it should! We don't know when it happened or if Teri did something (though she never messes with the template...) but all of a sudden, everything that was on the left side column--our simple header, our blogroll, our badges and awards--is down at the bottom of our posts! Then sometimes it looks ok, like when we 'view' it sometimes. Does it look weird to you too?

Of course, we never saved a copy of our blog, we is kinda uneducated in stuff like that. But before Teri tries anything, like using Bloggers (not so new) templates, we wanted to ask our furriends if anyone could help us. Even if we have to use one of the new templates, that's ok, we just don't want to lose any of our posts or blogroll or anything like that, so we are frozen and kinda skeered to proceed without help.

In fact, Teri said if you go look at her 'human' blog, she would be fine with using that personalized 'template, which a blogger made for her but that person has disappeared from the blogosphere it seems. Maybe some computer savvy cat or their servant could 'purrsonalize' it for us cats, maybe putting one of our photos in that 'Meow Spoken Here' frame and instead of the words "Mewsings, Feline and Other...' it would say 'Curlz and Swirlz, Life with Cornish Rex Cats...' Here's the link to it: http://terithorsteinson.blogspot.com/

Can any cat or human out there in the CB help us? We would give a helper admin privileges so they could fix it for us and we would send them something tasty for their assistance, or even some green papers...


  1. It looks okay to us. Okay, it did look okay to us. But then we clicked on your blog one more time and we see your problem. Everything is now at the bottom where you said it is.

    Is this an old template or one of the new ones? This used to happen in the old template when a graphic in the sidebar was too wide.If it's an old one, it might be time to renew. Perhaps make 2 sidebars, one on either side for your collection.

    We are NOT experts but if there is anything we can do to help ...

  2. Jan! You helped me ferret, hahameow, the problem out.

    On my World Cat Day, I had scanned some old photos and put them in that post. I am not sure why or if that was really the problem, but I made them smaller and redid the font size and all seems well now! It was weird how sometimes it would look fine and then it wouldn't but somehow it was related to that post.

    I think it's fixed now! Fangs a lot for making me think of something that I wouldn't have done without your idea...

  3. Oh no!! Me and Charlie hope you re-discover your blog - it must be stored somewhere- we hope! OH dear!! Good luck with finding expert help cos if this happened to us, I'd just cry!! Jan's of Jan's Funny Farm and also SAS - Sammy, Andy and Shelly blog may help!!!

    Take care

  4. oh; by the time i pulled my sick head outta the covers this am, looks like yer all fixed.

    sometimes the danged browser (IE) is a p.o.s. & loads weird.

    ::poking and claws on my shoulder::
    "Shuddup! Tell Mr. D I haz a couple prezzies for him over on my post today... wink, wink, wink,"
    "Stel, you could try to be more hard to get ya know, I don't think Mancats like ladycats of easy virtue."
    "Oh *really*? And what would you know about it anyway single person?... Ya, that's what I thought."

    Ms. Stella O'Houigan

    ...and that single person

  5. All looks okay to us. We used to get that happen sometimes on old blogger. We were afraid to change anything on it so that was why we started our "new" blog. Sammy, Andy and Shelly's mum Judi does new headers to complete blog makeovers.

  6. well, I wondered what happened. I am not used to the new look and too, without the help of just about everyone, I wouldn't even have what I do have. :-)


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