Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Our BlogPaws Story!

It's already Tuesday! We wish Teri had been energetic enough to write about our BlogPaws experience on Sunday when we got back home...but it was such a nice day outside that she worked out in the yard!

So we'll try to remember the highlights of our 3 days of Peace & Music (No... that was Woodstock! We weren't there, hahameow!).

We got to go to school (aka sessions) and learn about Leveraging Niche Blogging (Cats like hiding in niches, don't they?!) and Reach, Relevance, Design & Presentation (we can reach, with claws sometimes) and about Social Media (Tweeting and Purring at the same time, hahameow!).

And we listened to 2 guys called Big Ant and Joe P, from Rescue Ink...they looked like they knew how to help animals cuz they were big and strong!

Fortunately, we got to relax back in our hotel room while Teri went and watched a Dog Movie (Yawwwwn) and then went out to dinner with our friends, CHo Meir of Coffee, Cats n' Yarn and Sue and David of The Furry Bambinos. So, we didn't get to meet Flat Panda!

We listened to the Covered in Cat Hair lady, Robin, talking about traffic (we are indoor kitties so we didn't know anything about rush hour, hahameow!) and then we learned from the Petfinder and Embrace Pet Insurance ladies, Jane and Laura, how to ask people if we could be guests (guest bloggers, that is...we wouldn't want to wear out our welcome!).

And Deesko (Disco's stand in) got to meet BlogPaws co-founder, Tom Collins, and the famous Dr V of Pawcurious! And he got to hang out in the bar, too!

And Teri and her friends must have had a few Niptinis, cuz they got silly and took some Hurricane Irene photos...take a look!

Teri said she didn't take many notes, and we all know how furgetful old humans can be, but she said she came home remembering some of what she learned and with great memories of making new friends and spending time with those we had met before! That feeling of camaraderie and a shared goal of Being the Change has us... Reelin' from the Feelin', MeWowZa!!

As you can see from the photos, part of the fun is being silly, full of Pet Love of any species--dog, cat, ferret, G Piigs! We collected scads of business cards and had lots of photos taken of our cute selves, and Teri said it will take a while to write back to everyone we met!

So over the next few weeks, look on our blog for more BlogPaws news and photos we find as we visit everyone we met! Oh...our purrsonalized swag bags were prized by both cat and dog and ferret and guinea pig, as the thank you notes we have received tell us!

The next BlogPaws will be held in Salt Lake City in June 2012 and we plan on going, making it an annual part of our vacation. Of course, since Teri will have to fly to this one, she will only take one of us as she doesn' want anyone to have to fly in cargo...We will all be vying for the job...and may the best cat win, hahameow!

And for our furriends that are on Facebook, too...Disco asked Teri to remind you to visit us there and 'Like' us there, too...

"Like Disco (and friends) on Facebook"


  1. We added Disco's page to Chey's favorites (she is also a page) so that she can interact with you herself on Facebook and not just as the Woman.

  2. Mommy is in awe. She has only been blogging about us fur a couple of months. She never knew about BlogPaws. More pics, please! Tell us efurrything! xoxo

  3. My human is so bummed she missed it! But she is already registered for Salt Lake City.

  4. It certainly looks like Teri had a great time! Kinda reminded our mom what it was like to go to the annual Trek convention in Toronto every summer, years ago. Well, okay, that was a different thing entirely, except for all the general fun and silliness in a hotel for a weekend. :-P

  5. You can do guest bloggy on my blog!

  6. wow - we think you guys had a great time!!! Mom is seriously thinking about going to blog paws next year....

  7. TW was thrilled to meet ur humans and I sincerely—or as sincerely as a cat can get—thank you for the swag bag of noms. They hit the spot. We haave yet to write our blog cos TW is a slacker. xoxo

  8. It was nice to meet you at BlogPaws! I'm sorry I barked at you. Sometimes I can't help myself.

    Your pal,

  9. Wow Teri it looks like you had a great time!!!

    I've been hiking in Salt Lake before and really liked it there...see you next year :-)

  10. So great to meet you! I love the hurricane photos. We all got a little goofy but that is what I will always remember! :D

  11. Oh wow!! Looks like such fun!! Yay that you all had a fabulous time at BlogPaws!!! Take care

  12. Can't wait to share this with Tom - he did love meeting all the pets (and most of the people!). Can't wait to see you in Salt Lake City! w00t!

  13. Oh, I almost forgot - would you mind sharing this on the BlogPaws' linky lists about the weekend? We're trying to gather all the stories in one place. http://www.blogpaws.com/2011/08/borrow-share-notes-from-blogpaws-2011.html

  14. Teri it was great to meet you at BLOGPAWS! Wasn't that an awesome conference, I had a really terrific time. Just wanted to say hi and enjoy your post & pics. I have yet to write all of mine up for the blog so you are ahead of the game as far as I'm concerned. lol Adopted Mom To Chazz The Dog. Thanks for the mini swag bag...it was cute as a button.

  15. MOL... love the "niptini's" and hurricane pictures!!! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Whoooo! Sounds like you guys (and gals) had a grand time! How cool and even Ms. Stella was excited to see Mr. Disco getting all that love and attention from everyone! (even if she were a bit jealous)

    Ms. Stella's Woman

  17. Miah and I loved meeting you at BlogPaws! Can't wait for SLC next year, and in the meantime we will be working on that male human to convince him Cornish Rex kitties and/or Sphynx kitties are most adorable!

  18. It seems that BlogPaws was furry successful! TBT was thinking of visitin in the evening socially, but the Hurricane, the Hurricane...

    Now hes kickin himself!

  19. Totally loved meeting you all at BP2011! You got great pics -- I was outside smoking when you took the hurricane ones and was cracking up actually in the background!

    I added you to my blogroll today -- hope we can co-visit more often!

    and the creatures of ThoughtsFurPaws

  20. Looks like a great time was had by one and all. A friend has said they lost their flat selves.... did you by any chance see them?

  21. Awesome pics! Looks like a great time for sure!


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