Friday, September 23, 2011

Fashion Friday?

For a change of pace, we thought we'd show some of Teri's cat themed fashions for a change! Hahameow! We think we are the stars of the 'catwalk' though...

Now, there are only certain places where she can wear these rings without people rolling their eyes...She wore them at BlogPaws and got lots of comments on their fun cuteness! She will wear them at the cat shows too, although may get a few of those 'Crazy Cat Lady' looks...

She got them on Etsy, after seeing them featured on Moderncat! And here's the link to the Etsy site for Finger Food Delight, hahameow!

In the photo above, she was at BlogPaws, featuring our very recognizable 'avatar', Nani.

The above photo was at a recent cat show, and you might have to biggify the photo to read the shirt, but it says Rexhibitionist. That gets lots of giggles from people!

And this is Teri at the cat show a couple of weeks ago, with Brighton in his blue plaid walking jacket. You can see that Teri is wearing some fake frootbats, hahameow!!

Though Sammy might not appreciate it, we thought you'd like to see him in his new stud pants (aka Underoos, hahameow). Teri special ordered them from
Granny Bell's and they fit perfectly and seem very comfortable for Sammy. Even though he is neutered now, he will still spray ocassionally.

Wearing these pants, he can explore the basement/den and watch the birdies and squirrels with the rest of the cats. He has a room of his own, where he spends most of his time, gets company from the rest of the kitties, and sleep and he doesn't have to wear the pants in there because it's his room and he has stopped spraying in there since being neutered, so Teri is hopeful he will adjust eventually to being a house cat instead of a stud cat...time will tell, but til then he wears these shorts when he's out and about.

Here's a pix of him in a not-so-stylish pair, which he sometimes managed to wriggle out of! Which defeats the purpose of 'containing' the spray! So out would come the black light...

First, a truly embarrassing shot of him in...Doggie Diapers!! They worked well, but Sammy always walked around like he was 'carrying a full load' in his diapers and the tape wasn't too secure, either!

So, that's our post for a kinda out-of-the-ordinary Fashion Friday! If you'd like to see something more flashy, be sure to visit Daisy's blog today and prepare to be Dazzled!!


  1. Those rings are too cute!

    I'm glad you like my fashion today. It is my shiniest outfit ever!

  2. The rings are excellent but the stud pants?!?! WOW.

    Take care

  3. You're stroller is just like mine! You should join my stroller brigade.

  4. Wow--those are some fashion statements. I want to see Skeezix in stud pants! Can you talk to Karen about it?

  5. Those are very snazzy stud pants, much better than the diapers.

  6. You mean those are FAKE ears on Teri?

    We're shocked!

  7. Love the rings! They are just too cool for words!
    Now I am not sure I'd want to wear Stud Pants! I was spayed as a teeney tiney baby and I don't spray (Daddy says thank Cod).
    tray to make it to my first birthday pawty on Monday!

  8. Those pants scared the pants off our mancats. We loved Teri's ears and must tell our mom to get some.

  9. Cute rings! The doggie diapers...not so much.

  10. Mum likes your rings Teri - we think we'd have trouble blogging having those rings on our toes!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  11. Those ears are the cats whiskers! .. well ... you know what I mean!

  12. I love these rings!! They are so cute! I got to check the website...thank you for the link :-)

  13. Nice rings! Fake ears? Now that is interesting!!!

    And those pants are alright!

  14. I am just playimg catch up, I had a giggle here :-). xoxo

  15. lol, those rings are really interesting and cute. i love all of Teri's cat-themed fashion. :)

    poor Sammy in those diapers....! i really hope he adjusts so he can be free of them for good. some of them are pretty stylish, though. :)


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