Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nine Eleven...Tens years, millions of tears...

That day did change all of us, forever...after that I never left my husband without saying I love you, never hung up the phone without telling a loved one the same... because that sad day showed us how you never know if it might be that last time you see someone you love.

That day, filled with observations that speak volumes, from people all around the world. For me, Mike had moved out to Washington DC in July, I had to stay on in Oregon until October due to work. I didn't know much about where he worked except that he could see the White House from his office.

My sister woke me up and asked if I'd heard from Mike and to turn on the TV. It was a horror to watch, and I remember later hearing the sounds of so many firefighters alarms on their uniforms going off, that sound was overwhelming when you knew it meant lives lost.

Mike was fine, I finally heard from him in late afternoon after he was able to get out of DC and 3 days later I flew out to him and spent a few days. We just had to be together...just had to. Memories are all that are left for some of us, but we will never forget...

You might want to visit Cathy Keisha's blog and read her post today...I found this video there about the 9/11 Memorial and wanted to share it here, too...


  1. How scary to be so far away and of course phone service was a mess.

  2. That day truly did change everyone, no matter where you live. Near and far. We read Cathy Keisha's and it was amazing.

  3. No, dear Friend, we won't forget. Purrs to you.

  4. Peace and love to all of you. Take care

  5. Oh yes, it was the worst day ever.
    We are glad that Mike came home and that you could finally be together.

    Mom says she was glad that daddy came home.

    Every year is the same, all of the memories come flooding back.

    bonkbonks to all of you curlieswirlie dear friends, yes, we do love you

  6. Wes remembers at our house too. Wes will never forget!


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