Monday, September 5, 2011

Our 500th post n' More...

OMC, has it really been over a week since we were all winding down from BlogPaws? Yes! And Teri said her head is spinnin' trying to keep up with our new friends!

Believe it or not, we now follow 325 blogs. Do you realize that means if we only spend 1 minute visiting each blog, that means we need to visit 5 hours a week to keep up!

Well, something's gotta give, Teri says. She doesn't want to stop followin' but she is going to do a test...just visiting bloggies that leave us comments. We know there are a lot of lurkers and we know not everyone we follow follows us...but Teri says she's getting kinda crazy trying to keep up.

We also follow everyone on Google Reader, so when someone needs a hug or concatulations for something special...we won't miss out on that, furr sure! So, she went through our blog for the last year, and we have around 150 regular visitors who leave us comments. Ok, that sounds do-able. We are gonna give it a try and see if we can keep up that way, hahameow! And then maybe we'll have time to get Teri to post more often, too!

Oh, on our Fashion Friday post, with Coco in a party dress, Zee and Zoey's mom asked if it came in a leopard print...Well, guess what, Coco has just the dress she is looking for to add to her 'wild cat' collection! It's an XS size, so it won't fit Z or Z...but Teri googled it and guess what?! Lulu Pink Brown Leopard Print Halter Dress, on Ebay (um, we lost Teri for a while cuz she got sidetracked looking at pet dresses on eBay, hahameow!), although Teri bought Coco's at Wal-Mart, so Z & Z's mom might look there, too!

If any of you are friends of ours on Facebook, you will know that Teri (and us, of course) had an extra long holiday weekend cuz Teri's vets were away at a seminar. We love wakin up and going back to sleep and that's what we did every morning til almost noon! For 5 days!

Teri said she thinks she got too much sleep and didn't get all her to-do list done, but she unpacked from BlogPaws, and we have some Give Away contests planned for the future with some of the swag we snagged there. It was cooler outside today and we got lots of window sniffin in, and Teri planted some flowers she bought on sale, re-seeded our little grassy backyard and she's happy now cuz it's raining lightly...

But she still didn't get around to finishing putting shelf liner in the kitchen, or get to cleaning out the closet under the stairs...but she is having pick up our old TV and some odds and ends on Thursday, so guess that's some headway!

As you can see from the following photos...this is how we spent the holiday weekend!

Oh, and when we visited Pierro and Miles' bloggie, we saw photo evidence that usually calm and reserved Pierro knocked over a pot that was in the path of where he was going, oops! Well, something similar happened at our house yesterday! Teri was busy working on the computer when she heard a crash. When she looked up, there we were--Disco, Brighton and Coco--just looking up but not pointing paws! None of us finked on the other, either.

Teri was just going to throw it in the garbage, and she got kinda sad for a minute remembering that our Dad used to love to glue broken things back together and make Teri happy. So she set the broken cat aside and will try gluing to back together later...

Well, it's back to work today for Teri and then this coming weekend she is attending a local cat show with Brighton, so he can be 'Ambassador Cat' and schmooze with the public again! He will get dressed up and be petted alot and maybe even pick out a new cat tree! Doesn't hurt to ask, right?!

Oh, and our 500th post, too! That's worth celebrating...Our very first post was on December 6 2008 and we got one comment, from Prinnie, who is now an angel cat. That made us a little sniffy but then we smiled because partly because of our blog, one of our Furrydance kitties, MIles, now makes his home with Pierro, who was missing Princess so much that his family got him a companion!

And when we think of all the friends we have made along the way to 500 posts, we think you all are the best gift ever and we are looking forward to the next 500 posts to see where life takes us...back to BlogPaws, for sure and getting to know everyone we met there better!


  1. Congratulations on your 500th post. The woman does not even want to count how many she follows!

  2. Happy 500th post! Yeah, I know about trying to keep up with everyone - it's hard! Sometimes I just have to skim over posts and just make sure everykitty is okay!

  3. Congrats on your 500 posts folks, that is super-duper! I bet BlogPaws was fantastic, glad you had a wonderful time. Maybe we can go next year because it is more out west...we'll see. Glad you all had extra cuddly time with your Mom this past 5 days!

  4. Concatulations on 500 posts!! Our mama is too lazy to post much. Maybe we'll get there in another 3 or 4 years...

  5. Well, guys I think 325 blogs is a bit of a chore for Teri, and it might be advisable not to let her go crazy!!!

    Congratulations on 500 posts!

  6. HAPPY 500TH POST!!

    And yay for Blogpaws!!

    I say comment as and when you want to so long as you are all happy and having fun and enjoying blogging!

    Big hugs to all your adorable babies - so lovely to see! take care

  7. It was fun seeing everyone at BlogPaws. I took advantage of the long holiday weekend and *finally* got my posts out. We're a long way from 500 posts, but I did manage to crank out a few more. Love your blog!

  8. Congratulations on your 500th post - that is quite an accomplishment!

  9. Concats on your 500th post!
    Awesome photos, you had fun at Blogpaws : )

  10. Congratulations on your 500th post!

    Our mom would like to be following only 325 blogs. LOL. It's somewhere close to 500 now, we think, with both the Reader subscriptions and "following" blogs. Kinda scary. It's about 120 to 150 blog posts per day to comment on, which really is impossible. And that would be why our mom gets blog burn out almost every week, by the end of the week. LOL.

    Anyway, remember that it's supposed to be blogging without obligation and it's for fun. Shouldn't make us crazy. Or in the mom's case, crazier than she already is. Ha.

  11. Concats on 500!!! Wow..... we have a ways to go.

    Mom has to admit - she lurks on several blogs but doesn't always post comments. :)

    Love that second picture - sentry duty covering all exits. MOL

  12. this is from Adopted Mom To Chazz The Dog..Great meeting you at BLOGPAWS first off and thank you for the cute, mini, swag bag you made up & gave out

    congratulations on your milestone 500th post...that's amazing tenacity & persistence.

    I hope you read my blog over on wordpress & we can continue catmmunicating (is that a word?) anyway the time continues to fly by so enjoy ur furbabies....everyone.

  13. Happy 500th post! We always enjoys reading about all your and Teri's doing, your house is busy! We follow tons of blogs, and we don't get to commenting on all of them, either. Sometimes it makes Mommy a little crazypants(-er) when she sees 150 posts in the Reader!

  14. Congratulations on post #500!

    I, too, have problems trying to keep up with everyone I'd like to. If I sat and really, really read every post, there would be no time left for blogging --- or cleaning, bathing or cooking :)

    Still trying to figure out how best to attack it all.

  15. Concatulations on your 500th post! That's quite an achievement. I hope I last that long. MOL

    I know what you mean about following too many blogs. I only follow 87 on a regular bsis and it's hard to keep up.

  16. Congrats on your 500th post! Man, I forgot National Capitol is this weekend. I will try to visit one of the days if I can.

  17. Congrats on 500 posts!!!!!
    We visit those who visit us, and as we do not blog every day, go and visit other blogs. We have blogroll of the blogs we follow on our dashboard. That way we know when somecat updates their blog :) We keep adding to it ;)
    We are glad your Mom had a good time at BlogPaws too :)
    Purrs Tillie and Georgia

  18. We get it! Happy 500th posts!!

  19. Congratulations on your 500th post! My Mommeh says that now she is working FT it is very difficult to keep up with so many blogs. We use Google Reader and keep up that way, but we can't comment as much as we used to.

  20. Concats on your 500th post. We can't keep up with all the blogs either. Mum uses google reader but has to miss a lot. She used to try and visit everybody but it got impossible so now she goes to the CB first to see who has birthdays and Gotcha days etc, then she just visits who she can.

  21. I know what you mean... it's so hard to keep up!

    Congrats on post 500! :)

  22. Congrats on your 500th post! Catnip for all! It was wonderful finally to meet you and the kitties at Blogpaws. I so appreciate the lovely gift bag. I have yet to share with Ringo and Al and they will be in for a very nice surprise.

    Looks like you all have a swell holiday weekend!

    I have trouble keeping up with everyone too. But my heart is with everyone. xo


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